Evaluating our teams needs coming into 2009


I love the Texans, very, very much.

What I love even more, is speculating about the Texans future! So lets begin...


I want to open this up as a discussion for everyone on BRB to try and hash through our needs as a team for the upcoming year.  List what you think we need (in what order, preferably), and what you would like to see out of the draft and free agency.


First and foremost, I think we need something that resembles a quality safety. Harrison, Demps, and Ferguson all make me want to carry around a little airplane sickness bag whenever I see them play. Wilson has made plays and has done relatively well, and as long he doesn't pull a Demps/Bennett/Okoye massive regression, I think he will do fine in the upcoming season.

Tied with , or possibly right behind, safety is a competent pass rushing LDE. Watching a textbook pocket form around opposing quarterbacks because Mario is getting tripled teamed and held while the other chaps tapdance and get planted is only slightly fucking irritating. It needs to be corrected.

3rd along our line is NT.  Hopefully, magically, Okam transforms into this diabolical space eating NT and manages to execute get TJ cut, but if not, we need to seriously consider looking at free agent/draftable NTs who don't constantly get driven back and single blocked. We need someone who demands double teams - let Okoye shoot his gaps and Mario eat some delectable quarterback flesh, instead of eating those extra blocks.

4th is corner. The fact that we play Faggins and Reeves money to do what they do is an affront to my senses. Reeves has made a few plays, but that does not redeem constantly shitty play. Faggins, on the other hand, makes the highlight reels constantly - for the other team. Dunta is quality and shaking off the rust and horrendous knee damage, Fred is... well, hopefully he watches the '07 film and sees that he needs to play at and above that level. Moulden is doing awesome on special teams, which in no way helps me evaluate his play at corner, which, according to rosters, is the position he is actually supposed to play. Get Faggins and Reeves out, bring new blood in. They cant be worse, can they?

5th is power back. Did you know Slaton not only walks on water, but actually creates the water he walks upon? Yeah, me too. We need a big body to change the pace, batter the defense, and take a share of the carries from our local ebony god, and I can only see good things happening.

6th is interior offensive line, specifically center. Chris Myers has played hard and played pretty well, but he just gets manhandled at times. Id like to look for quality interior line depth/people to coach up whenever we can.

A reasonable draft may look like

1st - DE Michael Johnson / SS William Moore

2nd - SS Patrcik Chung / DE Matt Shaughnessy

3rd - DT Vince Oghobaase / CB DeAngelo Smith

4th - CB Joe Burnett /  DT Ron Brace

5th - RB Keiland Williams / OG Trevor Canfield

6th - OC Eric Wood / RB PJ Hill


Some big name free agents that will be available for bidding will be Nmandi Asomugha, Julius Peppers, Terrell Suggs, CB Mike Brown, Brian Dawkins, Dawan Landry (!), Haynesworth is of course availble, but if we sign a kitten devouring face stomper, I quit.

What do you guys think? Lets hear it for speculation!






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