Rosevelt Colvin: Back to the Future

Let’s take a trip back in time to February 26th, 2008. It was a Tuesday. The day would have come and gone with little to note, except for the fact that Battle Red Blog’s managing editor, Tim, saw into the the future:

"Rosevelt Colvin? He's looking for work. Tis the season for unadulterated speculation and conjecture, so...should the Texans be interested?"

With those twenty words, Tim effectively foretold of the impending descision that now faces the franchise. Ex-Patriots LB Rosevelt Colvin paid the Texans an "exploratory type of visit" on Wednesday. According to Texans general manager, Rick Smith, the Texans staff wanted to "get a look at him and see how healthy he is."

Despite Rosevelt Colvin’s impressive career numbers, he has missed significant playing time due to various injuries. Couple that with his soon to be 31 year old body and you can see why his health would be a concern. In a quote courtesy of, Rick Smith tells the media about his decision to bring Colvin in for a visit:

"He’s a good football player who is still available and so we decided to bring him in. He adds a pass-rush type of element for us, if we are able to add him or are so inclined to do so. That’s what it is. It’s an exploratory type of visit. We want to get a look at him and see how healthy he is and continue to talk to him."

One thing is for certain, Rosevelt Colvin has consistently shown the ability to attack the quarterback. In his 117 games played, Rosevelt has racked up a career 52.5 sacks, which is just under an eight sack per season average. With those numbers, it’s no wonder why several teams have been inquiring about his services.

AFC South division rival, Indianapolis Colts, have been actively pursuing Colvin since mid-April. According to Wednesday’s Indianapolis Star article, the Colts have not given up on landing the pass rush specialist. In a quote taken from, Tony Dungy tells the media that he would like to get a deal done soon, if at all:

""I don’t know where we are in the process, but we’d probably like to get it settled one way or the other pretty quick. We’re still investigating some things, so I wouldn’t say anything is out of the picture."

Colvin also has ties to two other potential suitors who are in market for an impact player. Cleveland Browns’ head coach Romeo Crennel and New York Jets’ head coach Eric Mangini both served as defensive coordinators for the Patriots (Crennel ‘01-’04, Mangini ‘05). At 31, it may be in Colvin’s best interest to end his career in a 3-4 system he is already familiar with, rather than readjust to the Texans or Colts conventional 4-3.

Defensive schemes aside, Rosevelt Colvin is going to work towards securing what will likely be his final contract. I imagine his services are up to the highest bidder at this point.

With all that in mind, I'll leave you with the question Tim preemptively asked three months ago: So… should the Texans be interested?

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