Texans - Formula for FAIL.

We all love the Texans.  We wouldn't be here if we didn't.  But as I said after the pre-season began, this team hasn't shown anything yet to make me think we are better than 8-8, and even that may be a struggle.

Here is the cold hard realityThe ONLY team that has beaten the Texans this year is the JETS.  In both other losses the TEXANS beat themselves.

Until this team finds a way to stop beating itself, it won't matter.  It doesn't matter if we play the Patriots next week or the Bengals.  Until we find a way to stop making dumb mistakes and only playing one half of football, we will continue to lose.

The problem is that this is not something you can just get over.  Teams that make dumb mistakes repeatedly tend to continue to do so.  It is very difficult to change player's tendencies.  I hate to say it, but these kinds of issues are typically solved in free agency and regime change.

Either the defense shows up and the offense doesn't or the offense shows and the defense doesn't.  No consistency and bad play-calling coupled with lackluster effort and mental mistakes makes for a long, hard season.

The defense shut down the Cards in the second half...awesome.  Where were they in the first half?  Same thing with the offense, one half of good football.  Can't punch the ball in on the 1 yard line.  Can't run the ball unless it's into the ass of your own offensive line.  Interception on potential game winning drive.  Fourth and one, down by 21 in the first half,  and you try to take a shot at the end zone.  This stuff doesn't win football games.

So I will say this in conclusion.  There are maybe 2 or 3 teams in the league that can hang with the Texans when they are playing the way they should.  They are THAT GOOD when they play smart football.  The problem of course is that the Texans are incapable of paying four quarters of smart football, and I just don't see it changing.  It is not something you can just work out in practice.

And one more thing.  It is time for heads to roll.  This has nothing to do with fair.  Nothing to do with anything other than motivating the rest of the team.  Cut Chris Brown.  Show the rest of the team you are serious.  Besides, Vonta Leach should be getting those short yardage carries.  So cut one or two guys who are problematic and show the team it is time to be held accountable.

Unless something major changes, I just don't see this team going better than 8-8, and even that is no guarantee.

It is sad to see a team with this much talent continue to struggle with the exact same issues over and over.


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