Just Desserts


 to understand the TITS predicament, lets go back in time and re-visit some moments that led to this. First:

Lendale White Stomping Steelers Terrible Towel (via SteelersDepot)

 and it wasn't just Lendale either.....





when you add the already bad ju ju they had working for wearing Oiler Blue... it's pretty easy to see why they suck so damn bad. IT'S NOT TO LATE TO REPENT TIT FANS!!!!!!!!!!!

1. write Bud Adams... tell him to send our Oiler stuff back. it has no business in Nashville, and you and we both know you want NO PART of the Oiler history.

2. call the Steelers... and apologize. the Football Gods did not appreciate your "friendly gesture."

3. write Bud Adams again.... and tell him to LEAVE THE TEAM.

you guys will always be cursed as long as you have an idiot owner like that. but you know what? even as i write this, i know 99.9 percent of you still don't understand that your TEAM IS CURSED. you wanna blame it on VY, or KC, or the coaches, or whatever..... instead of looking at what's really going on. i found it funny how last week you guys did a poll, and the question was posed whether or not it was a curse, or the result of bad playing. ONE GAME, i can understand. but when you lose, and lose, and LOSE... and then drop an egg like you all did yesterday, that's more than just losing. that's painful, that's humiliation, along the lines that the TITS have never felt.

To others reading this that are NOT TIT fans... do NOT feel sorry for them. why would you? here are some direct quotes from TIT fans......

why can't steelers fans

get it through their head that a stupid piece of yellow cloth doesn’t mean jack shit to anyone but them?

The Dual Threat, Official Enforcer/Stat Geek of MCM.

by hal41605 on Oct 8, 2009 10:57 AM PDT reply actions   0 recs 


Blaming our 0-4 start on some curse related to a towel is like blaming an earthquake on throwing salt over the wrong shoulder: it’s a convenient way to console the stupid.

Music City Miracles blogger and official Jon Bovi tour manager.

by August West on Oct 8, 2009 11:05 AM PDT reply actions   0 recs

Screw Houston!


Those same texan fans who hate(Oilers/Titans) so much really hate the fact that they let a better team get away all those years ago and that now they are far worse off with this ham and egger team. They now see that they were wrong to force Bud Adams hand. Bitter and jealous at the success we’ve had in Tennessee while it continues to elude them in houston. What pisses me off is they have the total gaul to complain about the Titans wearing Oilers throwbacks! As if they get to have a say about anything regarding this team. When you turned your backs you no longer demand anything of us. We were the same in city name alone this teams history is it’s own. Go make your own. And quit name dropping our former players,they have nothing to do with your franchise.BTW those quizzlings at BRB are total Jagoffs!

by oilzwell on Sep 19, 2009 9:48 PM PDT reply actions   0 recs

now how can you say that.... then turn around and say this????????????

@r One glimmer: Because they were wearing throwback jerseys, in future highlights of worst NFL teams ever, the Titans will appear to be Oilers.

by smashville on Oct 18, 2009 8:48 PM PDT reply actions   0 recs

TIT fans are hilarous!!!!!!!!!! they only want the "history" when it suits them. and that, among other things, is why i predict this team will continue to SUCK ASS. hey TITAN fans.... get used to this feeling... it won't go away for a long time.

Halo3-teabagging1_medium Tea-bag-1_medium and since you guys love your "greek" mythology so much..... an ancient tea bag..... W116391027_medium
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