If I where coach (and I'm sure everyone is glad I'm not)


Joel has good hands, and Casey has great hands, and the Titans game plan will revolve around SS and the WR's, it is very likely they will under estimate the TE's with OD out, witch should give good matchups.  I bet we see allot of 3 TE sets.  Starting right after the script.  The first part of the script will be to understand what the coverage's will be on certain plays.  We will likely see several looks meant to gage who is covering which receiver in which type of formation.  And to get SS going.  Look to see the initial 3TE sets to be all running plays early to help set up the play action out of those formations later.  Also at least one long ball to help back up the D has to happen early.


My script would look like this.


First play from under center


1.  5 wide JJ Post with Walter as the short outlet guy (opens up the field and forces them to respect the long ball)


2.  double TE Sweep right to SS (gages the pursuit, are the over pursuing, under, filling gaps...)


3.  3 wide 10 yard up and out by AJ ( let AJ establish his ownership of the little man)


4.  3 wide with AJ in the slot another out route (just to reinforce the idea that they have to double AJ)  (plays 1,3, and 4 help to determine who has the TE's in coverage)


5.  3 wide Draw play to SS (forces them to respect the run on every play)


6.  I formation Double TE Heavy one side sweep left to Moats (same reason as 2)


7.  3 TE set 2 hole SS ( you don't get many yards from this but helps establish the run)


8.  3 wide bootleg to TE


9.  3 wide TE Slant


10 . 2 wide 5 hole


11  3 wide (stack to the left) out route to JJ


12  I formation play action pass to the Coke machine out of the back field in the flat


The goal open the field


Establish the run

Get the play makers involved early

Force them to cover the TE's

Force minimum Double coverage on AJ to open the rest of the field.


Optional play 12


2 stacked on the right with AJ and the Coke machine, pass to VL and let him smash the leprechaun. 

On the D Side of the Ball it is all about Stacking the Box, and blitzing with Safeties, CB's, and delayed blitzes up the middle.


PS I would add a pole but IE crashes every time and work wont let me use anything else!

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