Falling short yet again... 20-17

Before the game started, I said that there were...


1) Slow down Tennessee's running attack - WE FAILED

2) Protect Matt Schaub and give him time to throw - WE FAILED

3) Contain Vince Young - WE FAILED

If we had accomplished just one of these tasks, I believe that we would have won this game. Everyone will give Kris Brown a hard time, but who can say that we would have won the toss in over time?

The Titans out played us on both sides of the football in the second half. Foolish penalties, missed tackles, and weak interior o-line play cost us this game.


 Dunta Robinson did not make an easy interception, and completely missed an absolutely crucial tackle on Vince Young in the open field. Antonio Smith knocked other defenders to the ground at least two times, enabling Vince Young to scramble for key first down. Mario Williams didn't go for the strip when he hit Vince in the fourth quarter (the tripping play). Steve Slaton dropped an easy catch across the middle on 3rd and 10. Zac Diles got juked out of his shoes by Chris Brown to open up a 20 yard run.


Why not try for more yards with 8 seconds left? (Spread the field and take a shot at the end zone to win the game with quick one or two quick slant routes.)

Why didn't we trust Slaton with more carries? (He ran the ball well, and he should have been featured more often... At least they took my advice on motioning him out of the backfield)

What the heck was that empty backfield screen pass play call on 3rd and goal? (Throw a slant to Walters or a fade to Andre. This call just seemed very strange to me given our other playmakers.)


Now we have to beat the Colts AND Jaguars.

We have to run the ball more effectively (we have only had one or two big runs all season, meanwhile the Titans had three tonight).

It is time to start scouting offensive linemen. We need to draft at least two.

It is time to start scouting cornerbacks, because Dunta is not worth the money from what I just saw.

It is time to look around the league for clutch kickers. Kris Brown has proven that he cannot be trusted in games that actually matter. Unless he turns things around and nails a hard kick in the playoffs (if we even make it there) I think his job should go to someone else.

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