Friday's Fantasy Fare--11/06/09

TexansForever started this last week, and I'd like to keep it going. Post any fantasy football queries, comments, or rants in the Comments below.

I'll start. I pulled off two trades yesterday. The first trade saw me acquire Larry Fitzgerald, Cedric Benson, and Matt Ryan; I gave up Steve Slaton, Brett Favre, Derrick Mason, and LeSean McCoy. I made the deal because (1) I have Phillip Rivers as my starting QB, so Favre wasn't seeing the field for my squad; (2) it's Larry Freaking Fitzgerald, even if he's having a down year by his standards; and (3) although I can't believe I'm typing this, Cedric Benson is a surer thing than Steve Slaton. My trade partner made the deal because (1) Favre is a sizable upgrade over Matt Ryan; (2) although a sure step down from Fitzgerald, Derrick Mason is a legitimate No. 2 fantasy WR; (3) he's banking on Slaton wrestling control over the starting gig sooner rather than later (I happen to agree with that sentiment); and (4) McCoy backs up one of the more nicked up RBs in the league. I thought it was a reasonable deal for both teams; many other owners in our league thought I robbed my counterpart. Thoughts?

Second trade: I immediately sent Matt Ryan and Fred Davis to Scott (formerly of BRB fame) for Heath Miller and Kyle Orton. I did this deal because (1) again, Ryan wasn't seeing the field ahead of Rivers; (2) Orton's actually having a better season than Ryan and is projected to keep it up; and most importantly, (3) Miller is one of the best TEs around. Scott pulled the trigger because (1) he's convinced Matt Ryan is the second coming and (2) his current QBs were Orton (on a bye this week), Alex Smith, and David Garrard (note: Scott's draft picks at QB were Garrard and Jason Campbell, much to everyone's astonishment and amusement). While I think this deal could help both squads, I think I added a top-of-the-second-tier starter at TE for spare parts. Thoughts?

My new starting lineup:

QB--Phillip Rivers
WR--Andre Johnson
WR--Larry Fitzgerald
WR--Mike Wallace
RB--Pierre Thomas
RB--Cedric Benson
TE--Heath Miller
W/R--Ray Rice

What say you, BRB?

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