Can I suck too and get 9.957 million for 4 months work??

As I am sure many of you are aware.  ( I can't think of a single person that would read this forum and not know)

Dunta Robinson is being paid $9.957 million dollars to show up to work this year.  He was very disappointed with such a low figure for a single season, but I guess after this year he can negotiate a better deal than the measly $23 million guaranteed over however many years it was that he turned down prior to the season.

Now, with only one regular season game to go, I am sure he can't wait for it to be over.  The sooner the season is over, the sooner he can put on his best pair of "Pay Me Rick" 's and march right into the front office and demand a contract worthy of his status. 

Just what is his status you ask?  Well, lets turn to the guys (and possibly women) over at Pro Football Focus.

Now, if that link works, it'll be showing you all of the players from all 32 teams that lined up at Cornerback this season.  While it may be a little bit unfair to compare Dunta, with 862 snaps, to a player like, say, Antwaun Molden with only 17 plays this season.  But overall, if you scroll down far enough, you'll see Dunta Robinson ranked 186 out of 195 CB's.

Updated:    186 out of 195. He dropped a place after the phins game.

And we're paying him the average salary of the top five CB's.  He's not even in the Texans top five this season.

Who are those top five contracts?

Champ Bailey - 2009 rank [7].  Probowls [8]

Asante Samuel - 2009 rank [18].  Probowls [2].  Superbowls [2]

Darrelle Revis - 2009 rank [1].  Probowls [1]

Charles Woodson - 2009 rank [2].  Probowls [5]

Corey Webster - 2009 rank [89].  Superbowls [1]

Is he worthy of being mentioned amoungst these players (BTW who the f**k is Corey Webster, but I degress)

I feel a little bit bad about what happened, he did have his knee blown out by a numbskull DT jumping on his back during a tackle.  But he could have been a team player, come back at a reasonable price and been the leader that he should have been.  Instead, he drove all fan support away and made himself look like a right burk.

But if he hadn't been tagged and sign a more reasonable contract, that would've freed up funds for a long term deal for Owen Daniels and Demeco Ryans.  Now I know, OD is going to have to do something similar this year, he was on a career year when he was injured and now he'll have to prove himself all over again when he returns.  But wouldn't it have been nice to have Demeco and OD signed long term?

Now, I've started to get a little off track, but to be honest, this post never really had a huge point to make.  But check out the stats in that link.  Missed tackles jumps straight out at me.

44 tackles, 10 missed.  2 out of every 9 times he goes to make a tackle, he misses.  And when he does make a tackle, how many are like the one in the highlights against the Dolphins today, at the end of a long pass reception.

And how about Interceptions..... ZERO.  if you weren't keeping score at home, that might come as a surprise.  But for those of who've been disgruntled all year, we've been looking for him to make a difference, to make that big play.  But he hasn't.  He has been below average all year.  And not just below average for Dunta, below average across the league.

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