My mistake about Cohwer

Try this.

A while back I suggested that Bill Cohwer be our new coach.  But the more I thought about his changes all around including the 3-4 defense it just seemed like too long of a transition.  But the more I thought about other cantidates, the more I was liking the thought of Jon Gruden if we could him out of the box after this season.  He ran a 4-3 cover-2 defense in TB and it worked like a charm.  And believe it or not after reading up on the Tampa 2 philosiphy, the more I realized that our players fit it to a charm. Here are my examples:


1: Linebackers must be able to do eveything from cover to blitz: Brian Cushing, Demeco Ryans, (Xavier Adibi if he gets a second chance).


2: Defensive line must be able to solely put pressure on the QB themselves as there is very little blitzing, and the nose tackle must be a very strong run stuffer up the middle, while the other 3 must be quick and athletic to get to the QB.  Now I know this has been a huge problem for us, but my small solution is once you let Dunta walk you bring in Casey Hampton (DT) to plug up the middle. Second let Barwin actually develop.  He has a lot of work to do against the run, but his pass rushing ability is elite with another offseason of work.  He should be splitting time with Smith next year.


3: The Corners dont need to be great man to man coverage players, but must be able to tackle, which I think Glover Quinn and my 1st round pick Patrick Robinson (Fla. ST.) can do well, as well as play strong zone coverage.


4: The Free saftey must be able to cover very well against slot recivers and tight ends.  Eugine Wilson has another good year left and can definetly cover.  The strong Safety must be a hard hitter who makes recivers think twice about going over the middle.  This is why we resign Pollard.


5: A quick note on his offense.  It is a similar variation of the west coast offense.  He likes his QB's smart and mistake free to manage the game, and loves to use 2 tight end sets (Daniels and Casey).


the first 4 rounds of my draft would go like this, (take in to mind that Walter, Pitts, and Dunta are walking)

1st round - Patrick Robinson - CB - Florida St. - 5'11 194

2nd round - Mike Johnson - OG - Alabama - 6'5 305

3rd round - Charles Scott - RB - LSU - 5'11 233

4th round - Perry Riley - OLB - LSU - 6'1 245


Here is my 2010 depth chart under Jon Gruden.



QB - Schaub/Orlowski

RB - Slaton/Scott

WR - Johnson/Jones

WR - Davis/Anderson

FB - Leach/Casey

TE - Daniels/Casey

LT - Brown/Butler

LG - Studdard/Late draft pick

C - Caldwell/Myers

RG - M. Johnson/Caldwell

RT - Winston/Butler



RE - Williams/Bulman

RT - Okoye/Cody

LT - Hampton/Okam

LE - Smith/Barwin

SLB - Cushing/Diles

MLB - Ryans/Bentley

WLB - P. Riley/Diles

SS - Pollard/Barber

FS - Wilson/Late round pick

CB - P. Robinson/McCain

CB - Quinn/Reeves

Nickel CB - Reeves/Bennett


Any thoughts?  I think we could really pick it up next season with Gruden and a change in player personel.

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