Keep Kubiak

Many people are calling for Kubiak's head, but let's remember where he brought us from:

2005: 30th in offense, 253. yards a game, the year before he was hired.
31st in defense, 364 yards given up a game
2008: 3rd in offense, 383 yards a game.
22nd in defense, 337 yards a game
2009: 8th in offense, 372 yards a game (before today)
17th in defense, 334 yards a game

Now, for those of you who thought we should be a playoff contender last year, you are delusional. The Texans had a long way to go and when they drafted Amobi Okoye, they admitted that. They still needed three years at that point. This is the third year and we could have expected at least a playoff drive this year. We made it to the twelfth week, which isn't good enough, I admit. But the season has had a lot of close, heart wrenching losses. Many people say that's on the coach. But Kubiak didn't fumble on the one. Kubiak didn't miss two kicks that could have sent us into overtime. That's not on the coach. The mistakes we've made and the inconsistency comes with the territory of a young team (the previous said mess ups being veterans not withstanding). In fact, we have the youngest starting line up in the NFL. BY FAR

My biggest point is that building a winning team, when you start with nothing, takes patience. Despite what you might think, the Texans are building something. Progressing. Canning Kubiak would set us back at least three years. Building a new system, getting players that fit that system, etc. A new coach would find out what Kubiak and Texans fans have come to realize: we are a young team without depth (see injuries to mediocre players costing us because we then turn to inferior players, ie Busing). With expectations that come before realism.

Here's my charge and my claim: give Kubiak one more season.

If you don't, we MIGHT make the playoffs next year. But we won't have a winning foundation. And we won't make it the next year. So, one playoff trip in two years and ensuing mediocrity, or perpetual mediocrity might be a better description.

If you do keep Kubiak, I see playoffs in at least 4 out of the next 5 years.

If he doesn't make it next year, can his ass.


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