Trades and FAs??

Alan Burge from asked a question on his site about Sage Rosencopter that I am pondering now. He asked if the Jets offered the Texans a 3rd for Sage would we take it?? I think it would be great if anyone would offer us a 3rd for Sage after the melt down performances he had last season.

Now the "true" retirement of Favre has some people running through some crazy scenarios and asking some hypethical questions of what could be. My opinion is to take the trade Sage is in his last year of his contract and want to be a starter somewhere if not in Houston. Unlike David Carr, Sage actually wants to have the opportunity to challenge for a starter job. I cant tell the future but my money is on Sage leaving after his contract to compete for a job somewhere. The only problem with trading our back-up is that you would have to count on The Schaub to stay healthy the whole year, whick I am not sure he will be able to do. Also who would our back-up be if we were to trade Sage.

I really havent seen anyone talking about the possiblities of the Free Agents that the Texans would actually try to offer a tender. All I've read about so far are people talking about Peppers, Haynesworth, Asomugah and Suggs, which are all gonna be high priced. What about the FAs that the Texans would actually target, you know the guys that wouldnt break the bank. I had a couple of names in mind let me know what yall think.

These are just some players I think the Texans might look at for one reason or another.

Bryant McFadden-CB Steelers   Good corner that played on the Steelers defense which we all know is probably the most physical defense in the league. Could bring some of the nastiness attitude with him.

Leigh Bodden-CB Lions  I think he is a good corner but his play fell off this past year due to him playing in a Zone scheme. More of a press corner which is what we need.

Dominique Foxworth-CB Falcons    A veritlie player who has played both S position and also CB. Dont really know much about him but he played pretty well for Atlanta.

Antonio Smith-DE Cardinals    Struggled during the season but had strong performances in the playoffs.

Just some names I think wouldnt be too costly that could push for some playing time and make our team and TC better, more interesting. I like the LBs that are coming out of Baltimore but I think the odd man out will be asking for too much money.


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