Three 2nd Rounders Please

The more I look at it, the players who fill our needs AND are likely to have good value are all in the second and third rounds.  Barring Jenkins falling to us, I'm thinking more and more that I don't just want to trade down flipping 1 and 2s but trade all the way down in the first, picking up an extra 2 or even to early in the second to pick up that extra 2 if necessary (or enough extra picks to package to trade up into the second again) (obviously need takers.  But this is my dream, not yours).

Then I'd look at taking three out of these positions.  I'll leave the specifics on which players to the Texans who have proven trustworthy, but again it really seems like the value is to be had here.

NT   Ron Brace I guess would be the only one I'd really like to see.  LZ says Hood questionable against the run and run defense is what I want addressed here.  I'm buying the theory that says our poor pass rush is in a good deal caused by lots of 2nd and 5s and 3rd and 2s.

C  Just like our DL, our OL suffers in the middle.  Everyone knows this is where you win tight games and they are our weakest spots.  Hmmmm . . .   Three top centers of great value in the second, would really like to see one of them taken in any scenario.  Wood, Unger, Mack

Safety  Either SS/FS  (In fact, I wouldn't be too upset if they took both in this scenario).  I don't get those that say we are fine at FS but also say we need a linebacker because diles or adibi aren't up to it.  They are both at least as good as Wilson was but have more upside.  Injury concerns, sure, but that means we need depth not a stud.  Smith, Delmas, Moore, Chung, etc, etc.

OLB  Even with the above stated, I'm not saying if best available value was here, we couldn't use one.  Laurinaitis (in the trade late in irst scenario) is intriguing. We had him visit.  LZ (I think, may have been someone else) mentions somewhere we would look at him at a Will.  This strikes me as a textbook Smithiak move, going with someone not on everyone's radar (for them).  Also, Sintim. 

Conspicous by their absence:

DE -- Specialist one down player doesn't warrant a pick this high when we have the three down holes above.

RB -- Ditto the above with a RB looking at 7-10 carries.

Both of these can be found in 4/5.

So go get me a 2nd round DT, C, and S.  Or at least three second round picks.



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