Coaching Breakdown

Coaching Breakdown

Head coach - Gary Kubiak
As an old Broncos fan, I remember watching games growing up with him standing on the sidelines with a clip board as John Elway would do some amazing thing on the field, the watching occasionally when John was hurt and seeing Gary go in and play very well, everyone in Denver during those years knew 2 things 1 Denver had a great QB in John, and 2 that Gary could have been a starter for almost any other team.
He happily stood there game after game watching every decision made by his coaches and how they effected the game,  He retired after something like 10 years and 10 full games played, spent a year back at A&M as RB coach,and  was almost immediately signed by the 49ers as QB coach where he coached Steve Young. Then off to Denver again with Mike Shanahan, where he was the offensive coordinator and QB coach.  He has been successful at every position he has ever held.  But is not one of those guys that brings overnight success, much more of a build it through time.  Note the Broncos haven't made the playoffs since he left and Shanahan the older is now relaxing for a season.  All this to say Gary has a Coaching resume that goes back 35 years(I consider backing up Elway coaching time)  with lots of success in lots of places.

Grade B+ (would be and A but no SB's as a head coach and has taken a while to get the Texans on the right track)

Kyle Shanahan
Short history of being a constant high performer, producing the 3rd best offence in the NFL his first year calling plays, has to be considered one of the top, up and coming coaches in the NFL, with a few more years of seasoning and consistent great performance he will be a HC somewhere.  That said he has to prove himself a little more, mostly because football dynasties aren't just given out, but I would take him over Wade Phillips any day!

Grade A so far but still needs a little more salt.

Alex Gibbs,
Let me just say this guy should never be a head coach, should never be an O Cord, he should never do anything but O-line.  But he does that better than anyone on earth.  The Denver turn out another 1000 yard rusher every year thing, was because of this guy.  Not the play calling, not the talent picking, it was great front line blocking and finding backs that where 1 cut and go guys. Most of those 1000 rushers where average talent, except Clinton Portis, and Terrell Davis.
During the three years with Gibbs on staff in Atlanta, the team led the NFL in rushing with 8,157 yards.  A year a go, I predicted that in 2008 we would be a top ten run offense in the league and people thought I was crazy.  We will be a great running team with anyone back there with AG coaching the line.  But I'm very glad it is Steve Slaton that we have.

Grade A+ for what his current Job is

Joe Marciano
I'll just say that this is a guy who knows his niche and sticks with it, probably one of the top 5 in special teams in the league.

Grade A it would be an A+ if he could get Jacoby Jones to hold onto the ball!

Frank Bush
Seems well liked and respected but I can't think of a single stand out unit he has coached.  I know he was Kub's first choice for this job when he got to town but he was tied up in Arizona at the time.  However I'm in the show me the money mode, and to date I haven't seen where the other D-cords that Kub's has picked turned out very well.

Grade C With plenty of room to move up if he can prove me wrong on this

Ray Rhodes
I'm not sure what to think here he has had flashes of brilliance in his carrier, but, got in over his head as a head coach.  That said a general solid guy for the Job and more than capable helping to build a great defense and knows a lot about being a DB. His role with the Texans isn't super clear but a good contributor  to the whole teams success.

Grade B

David Gibbs,
I was a little unsure of him at first but 2 things have kind of turned my opinion, one His DB's have been really good everywhere he has gone.  Two a statement by one of our DB's during ota's about his focus on technique, and how even if your a little slower you can make up for allot with technique.  I think he could have a huge impact on this set of DB's, lets hope he does a great job turning this group into one of the best in the NFL.  He also seems to be like Joe Marciano, he knows his niche and sticks with it.

Conditional Grade B and praying next years grade will be and A+

Bill Kollar
I hope I'm wrong about this but I wouldn't describe any of his units as great with the exception of the Falcons in 1998 that was nothing short of amazing vs the rush.  Other than that I would call them average average to slightly above average.  I hope I'm wrong here but just doesn't sound like a top tier kind of guy, again show me the money.

Grade C but prove me wrong!  PLEASE!!!

Ray Wright
With the Texans this year, I have notice a significant pickup in number of players mentioning the conditioning coach by name, this seems like good news from my prospective.  Maybe this year the guys will be in great shape and be about to out play the other teams just based on conditioning.  I can hope can't I?  Anyway I like the general vibe I am getting in this area.

Grade B

So here is the overall all grade
Offense A  no surprise here
Defense B- just allot of guys with middle of the road resumes I hope the out preform their history!
Other B+ some questions but some solid performance over the years


Thoughts, Comments?  Grades for folks I missed?

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