The Value of Loss: Thoughts From a Chiefs Fan


via spite of the certainty that the entire Chiefs organization and the Chiefs Nation are feeling the pain of Sunday's loss to the Texans (Yes, the Chiefs had that name first), I'd like to extend congratulations to your team for a well played game. It is heartbreaking to lose one late in the 4th quarter after leading the entire game. But friends, I gotta hand it to your team. So many excellent offensive weapons! And when it ultimately counted, your defense held. 


I'm sure that while the majority of Chiefs fans wouldn't agree with me, the Chiefs players will be better for losing this game in the long run. Sure, I hated to see my team lose...again on the road...after starting the season so well. Alas, there are many more games in the season. Coach Haley continues to remind the fan base that the Chiefs are for the most part a young team, still in transition. "When they become a good team, I'll be sure to let everyone know." I believe he is right.

Even though the Texans have struggled in recent years, they have continued to fight. They are now a very good team. The Chiefs are still struggling, but getting better each week. They may become a good team within the next few weeks, or maybe not for another season or two. In any case, I think you will witness a similar kind of transformation as the Texans enjoy currently. 

I learned a long time ago how valuable a loss can be to teach us many things for life. Some of you, who have suffered real life tragedy know exactly what I'm talking about. 

In my High School years I was fortunate to play for a big school that had much success. But when I transitioned to College ball, my team had as many wins as my HS team had losses (1-2) each year. Struggling with that team taught me a lot. One of my teammates lost his only remaining parent one of those years in College. It was at that time I realized it wasn't likely that I would live my life without struggle. In addition, I realized how valuable those years of loss, after loss, after loss would become for me. The experience taught me how to keep fighting...especially when tragedy builds one on top of the other.

Three years ago my wife and I almost lost my youngest son to a burst appendix. 16out of the last 24 months I was unemployed through no fault of my own. My wife and I dealt with the challenge of relating well toward one another in the midst of financial crisis. It's at those times that one has to have already decided the answer to an important question: In times like these, do I fight on or give up?

Perhaps someone reading this who has suffered similar or more severe life circumstances will be encouraged to keep up the fight for yourself, for your family, for your business. Reach out to those who love you most for the help you need. I've found that there are many willing to help in ways you can't begin to imagine. 

Losses can be wasted. Losses can be valuable. It just depends on what you do afterward that determines the result. 

God Bless American Football! It's the greatest game in the world.


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