Who to root for - Week 4

Its never too early to look at playoff hopes and the impact the rest of the NFL games have on the Texans chances. The Texans currently sit in 3rd in the AFC rankings. There are 7 games with any real meaning.


Jets@Bills - This is a no brainer, the Bills are 0-3 and the Jets are 4th in the AFC, an upset by the Bills at home is most favorable.

Bengals@Browns - We don't need the Bengals aiding a tie breaker in screwing us again this year. We need the winless Browns to get their first win at home.

Ravens@Steelers - A tough one as they are both AFC teams, but we play the Ravens later this year where a head to head tiebreaker is in our hands, so the Ravens knocking off the currently #1 seeded Steelers would be helpful in the long run.

Broncos@Titans - We will need all the help we can in the AFC South, any time the tits lose is a good thing.

Lions@Packers - Both NFC and we play neither. Who cares. But your heart wants to root for the underdog here. Go Lions.

49ers@Falcons -  Going 0-4 might make Patrick Willis angry. You wouldn't like him when he's angry.

Panthers@Saints - I can't imagine any way Baby 6lb Jesus allows the Saints to drop two in a row.

Seahawks@Rams - Seattle's QB has a hot wife. Good enough for my vote.

Colts@Jags- Either losing helps us, but if we are to have any chance of winning this division, we need the Colts to lose whenever possible. Go LA Jags.

Redskins@Eagles - We play the eagles later so lets hope the Redskins have a reenactment of the body bag game.

Cards@Chargers - an NFC team vs a AFC team we have to play later. Go Redbirds.

Bears@Giants - We play the Giants next week and I'd rather they not come in desperate for a win like Dallas did. Lets hope they pull it together at home and beat the bears. And it wouldn't hurt if all their starters got hurt with a minute left in the game.

Pats@Dolphins - Both 2-1 AFC teams, so either losing is good, but the Pats are the bigger threat here. Let the Dolphins steal one.


AFC Standings

1. Pittsburgh Steelers
2. Kansas City Chiefs
3. Houston Texans
4. New York Jets
5. New England Patriots

Tennessee Titans


7. Indianapolis Colts
8. Cincinnati Bengals
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