Who to Root For - Week 7


Your Houston Texans are on a bye this week, so they can do little about their current standing in the pecking order of the AFC this week. They currently sit in 5th place, lets see what matchups could help their playoff hopes.

Browns@Saints - The Browns have zero chance of being a playoff contender this year, but it was surprising to see Colt McCoy not only survive against the Steeler defense last week, but play pretty decent. This game has no impact on the Texans, but lets see if the Browns can shock the world in the Big Easy.

Jaguars@Chiefs - David Garrard was knocked out last monday with a concussion and will not play. His relief, Trent Edwards hurt his hand during the game and is questionable for this week. It is possible the Jags will start a 3rd string QB they just picked up off the street last week. I think I'm liking the Chiefs here, which would push the Jags further down in the AFC South.

Redskins@Bears - Watching Jay Cutler cry and pout on the field when he is getting up after his 9th or 10th sack of the game gives me great amusement. Lets hope another ex Longhorn in Brian Orakpo can reintroduce Cutler with the grass a few times. No real impact on the Texans.

Steelers@Dolphins - AFC matchup with the division leading Steelers against the Wildcard contending Fins. Its nearly a certainty that the Steelers will either win their division or get a Wildcard this year, so the Fins picking up another loss would be the most beneficial thing for us here.

Bengals@Falcons - The Bengals come off their bye watching their standing in the division slip away as the better Steelers and Ravens pass them up. They will play desperate against a Falcon team that wants to recover from their own loss and keep pace with the Saints. The Bengals losing and TO tweeting his disappointment does us the most good here.

Rams@Buccaneers - NFC with little impact for us, but its two rebuilding up and coming teams going at it in a blacked out stadium. Probably one of the least watched games of the weekend.

Bills@Ravens - The Bills are terrible and the Ravens are good on both sides of the ball. Clearly that means the Bills can take this, right? RIGHT?

49ers@Panthers - John Fox is coasting through his last season as a head coach(cuz he's gonna get fired) and can't decide which of his terrible QBs to start. I see the 49ers and all their drama getting a second win here.

Eagles@Titans - This is the game I will be watching this weekend. The Titans crushed the Jags last monday, and pace us on top of the AFC South. We need Kevin Kolb and the Eagles to go down to BESF land and deliver some helmet to helmets.

Cardinals@Seahawks - The redbirds are starting their undrafted QB again and the hawks always play well at home with that rockin crowd. What a terrible division the NFC Worst is.

Raiders@Broncos - Neither team is likely to contend for a playoff spot this season, but in a terrible division anything could happen. I see the Denver Tebows as the better team here so lets hope for a Black Hole upset.

Patriots@Chargers - The Patriots are off to a hot start yet again and if they don't overcome the Jets for the division, will be in the wildcard picture. The Chargers are off to their usual terrible start. Either losing is good, but the Chargers slowing down the Pats would be the most beneficial situation for us this week.

Vikings@Packers - Brett and Little Brett travel back to the motherland with both teams reeling from some early season drama. The Packers are banged up pretty good and Little Brett had their number last year.

Giants@Cowboys - Could it be and more awesome that the cowgirls have 4 losses? Well yes, yes it could if the Gmen give them their 5th in Jerry's World on monday night in front of a national audience. God that would be awesome.

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