Who To Root For - Week 8


Hopefully a face similar to this one will be under that 5-head come Monday Night. Hopefully. This will be a pivotal week for your Houston Texans. Along with the important divisional game against the Colts on Monday, there are 5 games with real playoff impact on the schedule. Before the season I had this game against the Colts marked as a sure loss. After watching our defense in the first 6 games, I'm sure a lot of you have bought stock in Chlorox. But with Clark, Collie, Addai, Sanders, Bullit, and now possibly Donald Brown out for this game, one has to wonder, is there a chance here? Manning will no doubt make a lot of mediocre players look very good, but a depletion of his available weapons in a season where the Colts have looked a bit shaky at times can only bode well for us. So I will hold out hope. Your Texans sit in a tie for the 6th seed in the AFC, officially listed as the 7th because the Chiefs are leading their division and therefore are in the 6th by default. A good Week 8 could vault the team up the standings. A loss could start a downward spiral.

Bills@Chiefs - The Bills shocked everyone last week by taking the Ravens to overtime. A bad team attempting to switch back to a 4-3 defense mid-season, but they will eventually surprise someone. Let's hope they slow down the leaders of the AFC Worst division this weekend. Root For: Bills

Jaguars@Cowboys - It sure is pretty sweet seeing the cowpukes with 5 losses. Now that their QB is out, the fanbase is looking for the nearest bridge. While it would be sweet to point them towards that bridge, a Jaguars loss and further free-fall down the AFC South rankings is more desirable. Root For: Cowpukes

Panthers@Rams - This game has no bearing on our playoff hopes. The Panthers finally got a win last week but with their starting RB dinged up and a lot of questions still at QB and WR, I don't see them getting a streak going.

Redskins@Lions - No bearing on us once again, but since I live a couple hours from the steaming pile that is DC, I have to hope the hapless Lions win so I can collect some Redskin fan tears on Monday.

Dolphins@Bengals - Two AFC teams that should be better than they are currently. I don't think either will successfully challenge for a wildc ard this season, but we need the Dolphins to stay alive long enough to stay motivated against the Pats and Jets. Root For: Fins

Broncos and 49ers - The annual shitty game in London. Seriously, can we ever send them anyone worth watching play? The Broncos seem to be fading fast after getting destroyed by the Raiders last week. Then again the 49ers decided the 3rd string QB they picked up off the wire a few weeks ago is a better option than our beloved who shall not be mentioned by name. The Broncos win this one. Root For: A Sinkhole

Packers@Jets - The Packers might be starting Adam Sandler as the waterboy pretty soon if they lose any more players to the IR. The Jets have a dominating defense to cover the mistakes of a mediocre QB. It doesn't look pretty for the Pack but we could sure use them to pull off some magic. Root For: Packers

Titans@Chargers - The Super Chargers are a train wreck right now and the Titans are off to a strong start. The Charger have the 1st ranked offense and defense and yet have 5 losses. Something doesn't compute here. Let's hope the week the Chargers decide to stop shooting themselves in the foot is this one against our foes. Root For: Chargers

Buccaneers@Cardinals - Another no-impact game between two rather not good teams(Ya, I know the Bucs are 4-2 but give me a break). The Cards will trot out their undrafted rookie QB again to get another head injury before putting former Pro Bowler Anderson in.

Vikings@Patriots - Another media train wreck team, the Vikings have 4 losses and are in desperation mode to save their season. Plus Moss will be visiting his old team. The Pats have only 1 loss and are one of the main competitors for a wild card against us. Root For: Vikings

Seahawks@Raiders - The Raiders play in the AFC Worst division so it's unlikely they will have a shot at a wild card slot. That being said, a couple beatdowns to put them down some more never hurt. Root For: Seahawks

Steelers@Saints - The big Sunday night game with the 5-1 Steelers against the surprisingly struggling Saints. The Steelers will either win their division or very likely get a wild card, making them a top threat against our playoff hopes. Let's back Who Dat Nation here. Root For: Saints

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