Bob Allen's Interview with The Human Coke Machine (Vonta Leach)

First of all I love this show, Texans Inside the Game. I never realized that the mothership was hosting the footage of these shows. Soo I'm really glad I found the online footage so that I can share this with y'all =). I ALWAYS tune in to watch Bob Allen and Spencer Tillman do Texans Inside The Game at 10:35pm on channel 13. While I might not ALWAYS get alot of info from Bob Allen, I always get good info from Spencer Tillman.Texans Inside the Game after Raiders Game 

Highlights that I wanted to underscore for y'all were

Derrick Ward's touchdown at about 2:40 min

Steve Slaton "improvising" according to Spencer Tillman at about 3 min into the reel. I wish they had time to talk about Slaton's magnetic one handed catch somewhere in the first quarter I think. That was an amazing catch.

Now at about 7:35 min Kubes is talking about giving them another day off? Is that productive during the season? On the one hand I know that they need to rest and recuperate. I was just wondering if they lose anything by getting that extra day off.

Derrick Ward at 8 min into the clip =D he looked so happy to get a chance to show off and do his job for us. I'm so happy for him. I love that he wants to contribute so much for us. I love that he wants to help the other running backs too.

the interview with Vonta Leach at about 14:14 min into the reel. I loved putting a face to our Human Coke Machine. I also loved how much fun Bob Allen was having talking to Vonta in general =D asking him about if he has fun blowing people up on the field. LOL Vonta said that's his job. Does that mean he's the demolition expert? LOL

And Tillman's Takes come up at about 16:50 min.

Any other bits of note, I didn't catch b/c I was just so happy I found the online footage. Some of y'all might not enjoy the show b/c Bob Allen and Spencer Tillman don't rag on the players as much as Battle Red Blog does but I still really enjoy the positive info that I get. And Spencer DOES call the team out on stuff especially in his takes.

I actually kind of wish this show lasted an hour which would give us about 40-45 min of show to watch but .. oh well. That's why I come to Battle Red Blog to get even MORE info on my Texans =).

I kind of think it's interesting how it sounds like they're calling Amobi Okoye, "Moby". Might become a fun name if Amobi keeps stepping up.

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