Giants vs the Texans MAdden

Ok so i let the AI play this game and since i haven't seen DreKeem do it in a while i figured i shall do it... So for the Giants vs the Texans with Updated Rosters and all Here we go. *Disclaimer: I know it is a video game i have came to the conclusion that if you multiply all the stats by 2 that is approx what the real stats are.

1st Qt:

Texans Receive: Slaton returns for 11 yds, 1st&10 HOU 29: Schaub to Foster 3 yd pass. 2nd&7: Foster sweep loss of 2 yds. 3rd&9 HOU 30: Schaub to Andre for 24 yds. 1st&10 NYG 46: Schaub to Foster for 11 yds. 1st&10 NYG 35: Incomplete pass to Jacoby Jones. 2nd&10: Foster run for 4 yds. 3rd&6: Schaub gets hit as he throws over throws Jakespeare in the endzone. 4th&6 NYG 31: Rackers 48 yd fg misses to the left

1st&10: Eli to Manningham almost picked of by McCain 2nd&10 NYG38: Bradshaw runs for 3 yds Tackle by Mario Williams. 3rd&7: Eli has forever but throws away due to good coverage (HUH?) 4th&7 Punt to the 12 Jones returns 3 yds

1st&10 HOU15: PA Pass underthrown to Walter 2nd&10: Foster 3 yd gain. END Of FIRST QUARTER

2nd QT:

3rd&7: Schaub to Johnson dropped pass. 4th&7: Punt to NYG 40 tackled at 43

1st&10: Bradshaw for no gain Antonio Smith with the tackle 2nd&10: Bradshaw loss of 2 Tackle Brian Cushing 3rd&12:  Manning overthrows Bradshaw on the sidleine Incomplete pass 4th&12: Punt to HOU 10 MUFFED PUNT!!

1st&10 HOU 9:Schaub to Jones 8 yd pass. 2nd&2: Foster sweep for 2 yds FIRST DOWN! 2 Minute Warning 1st&10 Hou 19: Schaub incomplete to Jones pass defended by Phillips (21) 2nd&10: Owen Daniels gets to the 37. 1st&10: Schaub to Daniels to NYG 48. 1st&10: schaub to Walter Rolle Defends Incomplete pass. 2nd&10: Schaub overthrows Kevin Walter Incomplete pass. 3rd&10: Schaub to Walter catch and pushed out of bounds at NYG 21. 1st&10: Foster for 7 yd carry up the middle. 2nd&3 NYG 14: TO HOU Schaub to Johnson dropped pass. 3rd&3: Schaub to Daniels for 6 yds FIRST DOWN. 1st&goal: Schaub to Jones for 4 yds. 2nd&goal NYG 4: Foster breaks two tackles but gets back to the line. 3rd&goal: Pass deflected by Phillips. 4th&goal: Rackers 21 yd FG GOOD!



3rd QT:

Houston Kickoff to the Giants 4 Ware returns to the 26 for 22 yds. 1st&10 NYG 26: Manning pass Deflected by Glover Quin. 2nd&10: Manning hit as he throws by Cushing Mario WIlliams INT

1st&10 NYG 20: Foster gets 3 yds. 2nd&7: PA pass to Foster for 9 yds FIRST DOWN 1st&GOAl NYG 8: Foster for 4 yds 2nd&goal Foster TD TEXANS!!! PAT Good

HOU 10 NYG 0

Houston Kickoff to the Giants 4 Reynaud Returns to the 25. 1st&10 NYG 25: Bradshaw loses 2 yds Mario Williams Tackle 2nd&12: Manning overthrows Bradshaw INcomplete 3rd&12: Manning to Manningham Glover Quin Defends pass Incomplete. 4th&12: Punt to HOU 31 Jacoby Jones returns 2 yds

1st&10 HOU 33: Foster loses 1 yd 2nd&11: Schaub to Walter for 12 yds FIRST DOWN 1st&10 HOU 44: Foster for 2 yds Boley records 5th Tckl. END OF 3rd QT:

4th QT:

2nd&8 HOU 46: Foster for 5 yds. 3rd&3: Holding on Texans after Foster 2 yd run Declined: 4th&1: Turk Punt downed at NYG 6

1st&10: Bradshaw 8 yd run: 2nd&2: Manning to BRadshaw for 12 yds: 1st&10 NYG 26: Bradshaw 5 yd gain 2nd &5: Manning to BRadhsaw 5 yds 1st&10 NYG 36: Manning to Hedgecock to the Hou 38. 1st&10 Manning to Boss for 3 yds. 2nd&7: Manning to bradshaw for 4 yds. 3rd&3 HOU31: MAnning to jacobs for 12 yd Gain. 1st&10 HOU 19: Manning to Manning ham 19 yd TD. PAT good

NYG 7 HOU 10

Giants Kickoff to Houston 13 Slaton returns to 27. 1st&10 HOU 27: Foster for 13 yds FIRST DOWN. TIMEOUT NYG 1st&10 HOU 40: Foster for 7 yds TIMEOUT NYG 2nd&3 HOU 46: Foster for 1 yd TIMEOUT NYG 3rd&2: for 6 yds. 1st&10 NYG 47: Kneel down 0:56 left on the clock. 2nd&12: Kneel down 0:18 Run clock out GAME OVER HOUSTON WINS.

HOU 10 NYG 7

Player of the game A Foster. 17 ATT 60 Yds Avg. 3.5 TD 1







Total Offense



Rushing YDS



Passing YDS



First Downs



PR Yards



KR Yards



Total Yards





1-4 (25%)

3rd Down Conversions

4-8 (50%)


Red Zone %



Red Zone TD



Red Zone FG


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