Kubiak refuses to accept reality

I suppose in the grand scheme of Texans football this latest atrocity of failure should not catch us by surprise.  The Texans, like seemingly all Houston sports franchises, are destined for heartbreaking last second failures and collapses of epic proportions.  I think we could all live with the result if these Texans didn't show us the propensity they have for greatness.

What hurts most of all is not the loss; we'll all move on and get over it eventually.  It's Kubiak's acknowledgement of a defense problem and then subsequent lack of addressing in appropriately.  See more after the jump.

"We're struggling big time, and we've got to figure out how to stop the bleeding," Kubiak said at his Monday news conference. "We're trending the wrong way on defense."

Kubiak sees the problem. He even acknowledges the problem. We're struggling, we're trending, have to stop the bleeding. These are all things he sees, yet instead of truly addressing the issue head on and perhaps reversing the worst decision in the history of the NFL (see: hiring of Frank Bush as DC of the Texans) he insists he will not change the root of the problem.

I know we've all said a hundred times over the last 3 game skid how Frank Bush needs to go.  It's easy for the fans to see his scheme just simply does not work at the NFL level.  Quarterbacks are too smart and too quick, Wide Receivers are too fast and too shifty, and Tight Ends are too strong and physical.  His scheme just simply leaves too many holes for opposing offenses (see:  Peyton and Eli Manning, Donovan McNabb, Bruce Gradkowski, etc) to take advantage.  And yet, Kubiak doesn't see this as reason enough to move in a different defensive direction.

Frank Bush will continue to call plays, even though Ray Rhodes is up in the booth with Bush and could do the job himself.  At least we know Rhodes knows how to run a defense.  He knows how to scheme, he knows how to plan.  His defenses don't get beat over the top, down the middle, along the sides, and everywhere in between.  Yet, we'll continue on with Frank Bush.

I think it's plain and simple.  Kubiak will live and die by this decision.  It was a decision he had the opportunity to rectify, but has elected to stick with his guns.  Well, Kubiak, when your guns are firing nothing but blanks, you'd better be prepared to die on the draw -- pun intended.

Kubiak, it's been nice having you build our offense for us, but I'm no longer sad to see you go.  You're getting what you rightfully deserve, and I do believe it will happen too late to help the team next season.

In closing, I'd simply just like to point out to Mr. McNair how one coaching change can make an entire world of difference for a team.  The Dallas Cowboys went into last night's game against a very potent and very talented NY Giants team with a 1-7 record with their sole win coming against the Texans.  They also went into last night with a new head coach who simply was the same guy they had calling the offense.  What happened?  They beat the Giants, and beat them decently.  The team played inspired.  All that from a team whom everybody wrote off, and who looked entirely beatable prior to last night.  Sound similar?

It's time to make a change McNair, before you lose the fans and the city.  We may stick with the team, but we certainly won't be making nice with you.  Make the right decision and let's move on.

It's time to end the Kubiak era.  It's way past time to end the Frank Bush era.


P.S. - Quote taken from article by John McClain -> Kubiak on Texans' defense by Pancakes

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