Who to Root For - Week 11


So during this past week I've become numb to the recent losing. I am convinced that the city has a sports curse over it. Its really the only explanation. Two weeks ago a pass bounces off Andre's knee and lands in the waiting arms of the opposing safety. Last week our guy volleyball spikes a hail mary into the surprised arms of the opposing player. I'm thinking this week our defensive linemen will come out on the field with a Roman Lectica and carry Sanchez into the end zone. 3 of the Jets last 4 games were won by a freak end of game mistake by the other team practically handing them an improbable win. So its the team with a shamrock up its ass vs the team that walked under a ladder indoors while holding an umbrella open to block a rainstorm of spilled salt then tripping over a black cat and crashed into a full length mirror. Root For: Divine Intervention

Bears@Dolphins - The thursday night game, with a 5-4 dolphin team starting its 3rd string QB on a short week against a NFC opponent. Is it possible this could actually work in our favor? Root For: Da Bears

Redskins@Titans - After getting a prison rape comparable to Edward Norton in American History X on MNF, you would think the Skins would be motivated to get back on track in the land of BESFs. Maybe being back among his old towel stomping buddies will make Fat Albert actually play instead of laying on the grass waiting for the play to end. Root For: Redskins

Browns@Jaguars - The Browns have definitely been playing better than their record of late, and lets be honest, only the Texans make Jacksonville look like a good team. Root For: Browns

Ravens@Panthers - Well lets see. 3rd string QB starting? Check. 3rd string RB starting? Check. Terrible offensive line? Check. Undrafted rookie WR starting? Check. Two starting LBs on IR? Check. Oh and they are playing a well balanced Ravens team. Awesome. Root For: Food Poisoning the night before

Raiders@Steelers - The Steelers are coming off an embarrassing loss to the Patriots facing a surprising Raider team that came in and beat them last year. Is there a sliver of hope here? Root For: Raiders

Colts@Patriots - Two division leading AFC teams, both who never have losing 'streaks' which we have become so familiar with in November. The 5heads losing is slightly better for us considering they are leading our division, but lets be honest here, Root For: The Sinkhole

Broncos@Chargers - a Denver team that blew up on KC last week vs the team that always likes to lose 4 or 5 games to start a season before making the playoffs anyway. They still are in the hurt for a spot so, Root For: Tebow Jesus

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