A letter to the Texans Coaching staff...

First of all... I would like to thank you gentlemen for keeping this season interesting. I mean who wants to have a team that dominates every game? That would make watching the Texans quite boring I mean I am a risk taker, and with my blood pressure on a continual fluctuation through three hours on Sundays (and once and a while on Mondays) it is a pure adrenaline rush! But I would like to make a few points.

To Dennison (and ultimately Kubiak):

Through seven games, we have seen teams exploit our weakness on Defense. We make QBs who on most teams would be Matt Leinart, look like Future HOFers. Why not look at say the Indianapolis Colts Defense and see hey they are in the bottom against the run and exploit that. Run it down their throats till they show they are willing to stop it and then mix it up. We see this team twice a year, we know that their Defensive Ends get to QBs like BFD does junk food and beer, lets take away their biggest asset on D! Second point, where have all the screen plays gone? There was no point up until the last minute this game was out of reach. This should have been winnable with the offensive weapons we have.

To Frank "Vanilla" Bush:

Way to go! Your Defense was not extremely Destroyed by a guy who put up over 400 yds last time we saw them. Honestly I would like to believe it was more based on mixing stuff up than on WRs missing catches which saved you week one. Something I noticed from tonight's game. When the receivers were off on their routes and timings Peyton overthrew them... Weird... After years of seeing him destroy our Defense, I finally realized, Peyton's throws are based off of timing and hitting the routes. To me this seems like the CBs should be bumping receivers off the line because i am pretty sure many QBs run their offenses like this. I want more Diversity in play calling but all in all I am giving the blame to the offense and the offensive play calling as to why we lost this week. So you are not on my hate radar this week.

In conclusion:

I am basing these opinions completely on watching the game and not watching it play by play which one of the talented writers on this blog will most likely do. I am hopeful something changes before next week, because i believe we can still come out on top. If you want to save hundreds of kittens please do something.

Taco Joe

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