Texans Continue to Find Ways to Lose Epically


I'm serious.

Like I said in the threads and on Twitter, is anyone really surprised? Personally, I think this one is worse than the Fail Mary. Thankfully, as much as Rip Jersey will say I'm in denial, I have no emotion over this due to indifference towards the Kubiak/Bush-led Houston Texans.

But there are many who still live and die by this team. And while many have hopped on the "Fire Kubiak" bandwagon in the past few weeks, I think it is safe to say EVERY Texans fan has now crossed that picket line and climbed aboard...except for Jordann, probably.

For more details and your chance to throw up in your mouth a little (more), dig in after the jump...

When Houston was down 23-7, probably even the most optimistic fan thought this one was pretty much done. But, Houston did what it always does...it pulls us back in and makes us believe that they have a chance. Even when they made their usual 4th quarter push and even took a 1 point lead with about four minutes left, we all figured the defense was about to do their usual choke job. But when Kevin Bentley (Who played a hell of a game, I must say..) intercepted a Mark Sanchez pass with under two minutes remaining, everyone started celebrating prematurely.

I ripped the team on my Facebook account early in the 3rd quarter and after Houston took the lead, I began receiving all kinds of texts about how I don't believe in the team and what not. Just the usual stuff. This was followed up not too long after with a lot of crow eating by said culprits. Because in expected Texans fashion, they found a way to lose the game.

What else can this team do to break the hearts of its fan base? Because while I may not be the only one indifferent to the Kubiak/Bush-led Texans, a lot of others aren't. But by this point they have to be so far past emotionally scarred that they are left feeling numb after the past two weeks.

And for all of those saying the Texans defense played good today...stop. Just stop. 401 yards and 30 points given up. AGAIN. Still on pace to be the worst passing defense ever. And they even got a decent pass rush going today. Mostly by Mario Williams, who looked awesome.

I guess it is our own damn fault for thinking that one of these types of games were going to finally bounce our way. After the Bentley interception, I was guilty of thinking they had finally gotten a break form the football Gods. But when they spit it up, I still wasn't shocked or the least bit surprised.

The only real debate left is which loss do you find worse? This one or last weeks? Well, like they'd say on South Park, that's like choosing between a douche or a turd sandwich.

The silver lining here is that the chances of Frank Bush being fired before the end of the season have never been higher. If it doesn't happen after this one, it just isn't going to happen. You can blame last week on a "Fluke play" and all that, but there was no excuse to give up a 68 yard drive with no timeouts left and only 55 seconds left on the clock. And not a Brady or a Manning behind center, but Mark Sanchez. That is so far past inexcusable that I really don't have the words.

But I know that you guys do. So fire away in the comments below...

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