Defensive Meltdown Watch 2010

Original concept here, and updated from last week's installment.  And I know it should be Defensive Meltdown Warning 2010, but I'm going to stick with the original title for the year for consistency's sake.  Join me after the jump as your Houston JUGGERNAUT give up 401 yards to the New York Jets, yet, our overall DVOA actually drops.  Yeah, we're that bad.

Alas, we still remain atop the overall Worst Defense Since 1993 Leaderboard ranking, though our DVOA improved by 1.3%.  That's truly depressing:

Team Year Overall DVOA
JUGGERNAUT 2010 29.7%
DET 2008 29.2%
DEN 2008 24.7%
MIN 2000 24.4%
STL 2008 23.4%


I'm as sad as you are.  Quite frankly, I would prefer to see us take this record by a mile, just anything to add another nail to Frank Bush's defensive coordinator coffin.  Sadly, now that we're playing Rusty Kuntz^ Staub Smith instead of Vince Young, who of course just wins, our chances to retain the record have decreased significantly.  But I know that won't keep us from trying!

But the reason the overall DVOA improved wasn't do to the fact the pass defense suddenly improved.  Oh no.  Mark Sanchez had no problem lighting up the incredibly flammable Texans secondary, and we stay atop the leaderboard there:

Team Year PassDVOA
JUGGERNAUT 2010 54.3%
DEN 2010 45.8%
DET 2009 40.1%
JAX 2009 39.8%
BAL 1996 38.8%


Congrats all around to our coaches for this impressive achievement to date!

Sanchez also managed to keep pace with the rest of the QBs we've faced, and our QB rating against stands at a delightful 109.1.  The equivalent remains Kurt Warner's MVP 1999 season or Drew Brees' 2009 should've been MVP season.  Our current line stands at 251-372, 67.5% completion rate (!!!), 3139 yards, 25 TDs, and 6 INTs.  These stats are beyond ridiculous and, as Tim said last night as we were doing some post-coital cuddling (which is where he really shines!), these stats are from a video game, not from an allegedly professional football team.

Finally, this week's musical tribute to the defense, which is dedicated to Frank Bush from Gary Kubiak:

^ In real life, Rusty Kuntz is one of the nicest people I've ever met.

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