Texans Observations Week 9

Here are some observations I saw from the Houston Texans from an online stream...


-What happened to Kevin Walter?  Besides two fly routes to him he has been non-existent over the last few weeks.  He seems to be blanketed every play and cant create any separation

-The O-Line looked awesome today.  Remember this was statistically the number one defense in the league and they kept Schaub upright most the game and gave foster many lanes to victimize.  Duane Brown looked much better in his second game after the suspension after looking lost last week

-I'm not really gonna discuss play calling because you can take your opinion on what they did.  However, I did not like the lack of play calls to foster in the 2nd half.

-Jacoby Jones still has not stepped up at wide receiver.  With andre playing hurt, daniels not playing, and walter not being able to find separation we needed Jones in this game.  The drop after the deflection in the endzone cost the Texans 4 points

-Damn the complete the process rule on the pass play to Foster 



-Kareem Jackson is going to take a lot of heat for this game after being burned twice deep for touchdowns.  The struggles of a rookie cornerback are amplified without a competent free safety to back him up deep.  I don't have the time to check, but I wonder how he is stacking up against the other rookie corners from the first round so far.  Kareem by far has the most responsibility out of all them especially with no safeties to aid him if he does get beat.  He has shown good ability at making tackles and also made a great play to get his 2nd interception of the year.  Point being, he is a rookie and he is going to be inconsistent.  Get used to it.   

-I know I'm beating a dead horse, but our safeties lack the instincts to play pass coverage.  Pollard is good at stopping the run, but he is a huge liability in the pass game.  With how bad our pass defense has been he has had to play more off the line of scrimmage thus displaying his weaknesses to all.  While I thought Wilson might have turned his season around after finally making some plays against the Colts last week he looked bad again today.  More poor tackling and lack of instinct to make plays in coverage.

Note to GM:  I don't care what it takes, but get a competent free safety already through free agency, trade or the draft

-I dont think there is a player in the NFL that Zac Diles can cover in the passing game

Special Teams:

-I like Jacoby Jones as our kick returner.  While he hasn't broken one, he still giving the offense good field position on every attempt

-We finally blocked a punt for the first time in a few seasons

-For most the game, the Texans were very sound in terms of not getting flagged for penalties.  However I did not see the play with the intentional grounding I had lost the stream at that point  

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