Who to Root For - Week 13


Ok beating the tits (and the bastard stepchild of Kid from Kid N' Play and a leprechaun) is always exciting, but considering who they had at QB against us we of course will temper our excitement a bit. As bleak has things have been the last month, the Texans are actually still alive in the playoff race, albeit with a rough rough stretch upcoming. I don't think even the Pope has faith that the Texans can beat the Eagles on Thursday night with either of their QBs, but thats usually when the Texans have decided to start winning in the past, when everyone has given up on them. Let's be serious here, there will be no wildcard team out of the AFC South this year. With the duos of Pittsburgh/Baltimore and New England/ NY Jets dominating the AFC, its clear the two spots will come from that group. So our only hope, is to catch the Colts who are suddenly looking more vulnerable. So after the jump lets look at the remaining schedules of our 3 divisional foes and their matchups this week.

Indy 5 heads

Week 13: vs Dallas

Week 14: @Tennessee

Week 15: vs Jacksonville

Week 16: @Oakland

Week 17: vs Tennessee

This week they play a Cowpuke team that is eliminated from the playoffs, but playing with a new spirit for interim head coach Jason Garrett. The Cowturds already did us no favors earlier this year by beating us and then getting destroyed by Jacksonville, so its hard to imagine a universe where Manning loses 3 games in a row, and 2 in a row at home. The Colts by far have the easier remaining schedule out of our foes. I can really see them only dropping maybe 1 more game unless the tits suddenly decide to start playing football again. We are going to need some divine intervention here.

Root For: Sinkhole/Divine Intervention


Jacksonville Glover Quinn Fan Club

Week 13: @Tennessee

Week 14: vs Oakland

Week 15: @Indy

Week 16: vs Washington

Week 17: @Houston


Tennessee BESFs

Week 13: vs Jacksonville

Week 14: vs Indy

Week 15: vs Houston

Week 16: @KC

Week 17: @Indy


These two play each other this week, so there will a favorable outcome either way. Considering both of them still play another game against Houston, we have our destiny in our own hands with trying to pass these two teams. That final game against Jacksonville could be a big one. Both of them have a fairly difficult remaining schedule, and I see it as very possible they lose multiple games here. For this week we need the tits to recover from their own 4 game losing stretch and beat an over rated Jacksonville squad to keep them in striking range for the Texans. Vodka Collins is expected to recover enough to play this week so lets hope he can hand the ball off to Chris Johnson better than Ol' Rusty managed. With so many of the final games being within the division, this race could get ugly fast.

Root For: Sinkhole/ Innagan's mangina

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