Who to Root For - Week 14


Well, here it is. Its come down to the edge of the cliff. Lose to the Ravens, and its over. Shock the world, and try to ride the momentum through the final 3 games. Battle Red. Monday Night. National Stage. Either the Texans will look like Rocky taking down Dixon, or suffer a very public death. The Colts loss to the cowpukes last week as put the unlikely Jaguars in the drivers seat of the AFC South. If they win everything up until our season ending contest, they are in. If the Colts win out their remaining schedule, they are in. The Texans have to win out and hope for the other two to falter just once. We aren't in the drivers seat, but we are in the sidecar at least. Let's look at the remaining schedule of our divisional foes after the jump.


Indy 5heads

Week 14: @Tennessee

Week 15: vs Jacksonville

Week 16: @Oakland

Week 17: vs Tennessee


All is not well in Manning land. You know things are rough for the once untouchable when even their radio announcer turns on Manning and calls for Curtis Painter to start! The Colts have lost 3 straight games, unheard of in the Manning era. With all the injuries and WRs out of sync with Manning, losing one more game this season is possible. The Titans are a train wreck right now, but could they possibly pull it together enough to beat Manning once in their two meetings? Maybe the reviving Raiders can sneak one past them in the Black Hole in week 16? Root For: Vodka Collins


Los Angeles Jaguars

Week 14: vs Oakland

Week 15: @Indy

Week 16: vs Washington

Week 17: @Houston


So if I told you back in August that the jags would be leading the division by a game in week 14, would you have laughed in my face? I think I would have laughed in my own face. The good news is even though they are two games up on the Texans, they play us in the final game of the season, meaning they only have to lose 1 game between now and then for them to be caught. With a game at Indy in week 15, and games against Oakland and Washington, that is possible. I still think this is a team of pretenders with a horrible defense and an offense that lives and dies by the play of Garrard. With a game against the suddenly surging Raiders, the possibility is there. Root For: The Ghost to the Post


Tennessee BESFs

Week 14: vs Indy

Week 15: vs Houston

Week 16: @Kansas City

Week 17: @Indy

With the offense in absolute shambles and a coach who is probably trying to find his way out of town, the tits are not a threat for the division crown. They are still relevant however because they play the Colts twice and us again in the coming weeks and can help decide the fate of the division winner. However unlikely, we could really use the tits finding a way to beat the Mannings once in their two meetings. Of course we could use them still being in shambles when we come to town in week 15 for Johnson vs Finnegan II. Perhaps if they could get Collins to drink VY's tears instead of vodka they could JUST WIN GAMES.

Root For: Vodka Tears Collins

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