YEAR 10! Changes that might turn it around??

Howdy, My fellow Battleredden, Deep Steel Blued, Texans fans. I've been doing some thinking about our Texans and realized next season is our Tenth, right?

The tenth anniversary of the franchise seems like a good time and  reason to change some things about the Houston Texans that are synonymous with the mediocrity that we've all come  to know and hate  love.

Ditch the Battlered uniforms- seeing these unis used to make me think of beating Jacksonville, back when we only had beating the Delrios to look forward to in said battlered.  First off, we haven't beaten the Jags since the Ketchup Bottles made their MNF debut, and we lost the last MNF we wore just the tops. Don't get me wrong I love my Battlered #90, but the team needs to get rid of them.

I say we keep the Battlered color as part of the get up, but minimal. I propose some black be incorporated, and maybe even a Black on Black uniform. Then we can were the Battlered as a throwback.  Also add a white helmet I think to only the all white suits.


Make Matt Schaub change his number. I realize he has always been #8, but every dumb throw/INT brings a chest pain to me. Change your number to 1 or 19 Matt or whatever, just get rid of 8, it's not our lucky number, unless a 0 is placed after it and the MAN wearing it now, will be the only Texan to ever wear it.

The Logo could be altered a little as well. Not sure what I would do with that, but I bet someone could come up with something as long as it's not cartoon stupid, like the Rockets did, man I hated that.

I know everyone points to coaching changes, and I think there are going to be some heads lopped, but I don't think Kubiak's will be one of those, unless this team goes all cowgirl and quits, but they won't.

I was just trying to think of some cosmetic changes that the Texans could do to turn our fortunes  a different direction. I'm sure there are some better ideas out there, these are mine.




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