Your chance to out draft Smithiak

Did you disagree with taking Cushing last year? 

Were you yelling at the TV when Casserly was interviewed the night before drafting Mario because you wanted the Texans to take VY?

This year you'll have the chance to show how much smarter you are than Smithiak.


Rivers' shadow draft post inspired me to create a site where we can all try our hand at this drafting thing we're all experts at.

I plan on running two drafts.

In the first one, you will be on the clock whenever the Texans are.  Any players taken prior to the Texans pick, and any players taken by other teams before you submit your choice will not be available for you to pick.  If you have not selected a player from the previous round when the Texans pick comes around again, you will lose the pick from the last round, and the next player selected will count for the current round.

The second one will be similar to Rivers' shadow draft.  This one will take place after the actual draft is completed.  You will draft a player at each of the Texans picks, but the only players available will be players chosen between Texans picks. For example, If we draft at 20 and 52, your first round selection for the Texans could be any player actually selected from 20 to 51.  I'll probably leave this up for a week after the draft is completed.

Trades will not be allowed in either draft, unless you contact the actual GM of both teams and get approval.

You can participate in either, both, or neither of these drafts.  I will post everyone's picks on here for posterity, then we can check back and see how we did.  Kinda like a delayed gratification fantasy draft.

I got the backbone of the site together today, and I'll be working on the draft page in the coming weeks.  I don't do this for a living, so it may not  look very professional.  If you are dissatisfied with the site, I'd be happy to refund you your money.  I'm open to suggestions for rules, requests for the site, etc.  The real time draft may be tough for me to moderate, so I may be looking for volunteers to enter actual picks.  

I'll post the link here when the site is ready to go.

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