The Final (Ideal) Texans Mock of 2010

If Yahoo! Sports and their Texan team report is to be believed, then this is what you can expect in the draft next week.

A running back and cornerback early with a space-eating or pass-rushing DT mixed in on Thursday and Friday. After that, depth with a premium on a free safety and offensive guard/center in that mix.

Ryan Mathews has been mentioned with Houston, but I don't believe that would be the first choice of the Texans. I just don't see this as a Kubiak move nor do I believe you get the most value out of this pick (Draft Fact: In the past 4 years, only 29% of 1st round RBs - 4 out of 14 - have rushed for over 1,000 yards in their rookie seasons and only 3 of the other 10 have had at least 1 1,000 yard season in their entire career. Not as automatic as people think). I also think the repeated rantings of Pancakes is a sign that it isn't going to happen. The draft is the ultimate poker game, and the Texans wouldn't make their 1st round pick that obvious.

ESPN's AFC South blog made a statement about Houston not being able to pass on Dan Williams if he sat at 20. Between that statement and what I believe may's my last realistic Houston Texans mock before the draft. Hit the jump to check it out. I'll also put out a full 1st round mock.

1st round - DT Dan Williams (Tennessee) - We all know why he should be taken. I cling to foolish hope and believe if he's sitting there at 20 the Texan brass will pull the trigger and send us to bed with dreams of a vicious pass rush ripping Peighton in half. I believe Williams will slip by Buffalo (OT/Clausen), Miami (Thomas/Graham), Denver (Pouncey/Bryant) and Pittsburgh (Iupati/Pouncey) to Houston at 20.

2nd round - RB Ben Tate (Auburn) - The front office wants someone who has power and can touch the ball 20 times a game. They've been saying that they'll take someone early, and Tate fits all of that criteria in round 2.

3rd round - CB Amari Spievey (Iowa) - A poor man's Devin McCourty. The ideal fit for a zone scheme and should be able to crack the starting line-up.

4th round - FS Robert Johnson (Utah) - Is depth. Will be able to step in once Eugene Wilson goes down. Has a teammate tie on the roster (a Smithiak trademark). He just seems like a Texans pick.

5th round - OG Brandon Carter (Texas Tech) - A big, local, mid-round guard. He'll be able to provide the interior depth the Texans are looking for.

5th round - OG Thomas Austin (Clemson) - So after some talk in the comments, I've changed the pick to Austin. Austin's a 2nd team All-ACC player who offers versatility since he can play center as well. He's also coming off a good season of opening lanes for run-happy Clemson.

6th round (1) - WR Emmanuel Saunders (SMU) - A cheaper, younger, and speedy version of Andre' Davis. Should be able to develop into a nice slot WR should the Texans not re-sign Jacoby in 2011 and will be able to replace Apostrophe and aid in the return game.

6th round (2) - C Kevin Matthews (Texas A&M) - I think they'll double up on interior offensive line depth (and they should after 2009). Matthews has pedigree, and his father is a coach on the staff while the head coach is an Aggie alum. It just makes a lot of sense to make this pick.

7th round - OT Dennis Landolt (Penn State) - You try picking a 7th round pick. Landolt's still my guy since he's an athletic, accomplished OT that could provide good depth.

And of course, here's my final round 1 mock of the 2010 draft pre-season:

1. St. Louis Rams - Oklahoma QB Sam Bradford
2. Detroit Lions - Nebraska DT Ndamukong Suh
3. Tampa Bay Buccaneers - Oklahoma DT Gerald McCoy
4. Washington Redskins - Oklahoma State OT Russell Okung
5. Kansas City Chiefs - Alabama ILB Rolando McClain
6. Seattle Seahawks - Clemson RB C.J Spiller
7. Cleveland Browns - Tennessee FS Eric Berry
8. Oakland Raiders - Iowa OT Bryan Bulaga
9. Buffalo Bills - Oklahoma OT Trent Williams
10. Jacksonville Jaguars - Notre Dame QB Jimmy Clausen
11. Denver Broncos - Florida C Maurkice Pouncey
12. Miami Dolphins - Texas FS Earl Thomas
13. San Francisco 49ers - Florida CB Joe Haden
14. Seattle Seahawks - Oklahoma St WR Dez Bryant
15. New York Giants - Georgia Tech DE Derrick Morgan
16. Tennessee Titans - Boise State CB Kyle Wilson
17. San Francisco 49ers - Michigan DE/OLB Brandon Graham
18. Pittsburgh Steelers - Idaho G Mike Iupati
19. Atlanta Falcons - Missouri OLB Sean Weatherspoon
20. Houston Texans - Tennessee DT Dan Williams
21. Cincinnati Bengals - USC FS/SS Taylor Mays
22. New England Patriots - Penn State DT/DE Jared Odrick
23. Green Bay Packers - Texas OLB Sergio Kindle
24. Philadelphia Eagles - Rutgers OT Anthony Davis
25. Baltimore Ravens - Oklahoma TE Jermaine Gresham
26. Arizona Cardinals - USC OT Charles Brown
27. Dallas Cowboys - Notre Dame WR Golden Tate
28. San Diego Chargers - Fresno State RB Ryan Mathews
29. New York Jets - TCU OLB Jerry Hughes
30. Minnesota Vikings - Rutgers CB Devin McCourty
31. Indianapolis Colts - UCLA DT Brian Price
32. New Orleans Saints - USC DE Everson Griffen

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