Why DT and CB should not be priorities in the first round (and beyond).

Now that the headline got you, read carefully.  I am NOT saying we don't need these positions or that others are more important.  Just that there are three others equally important.


I have for a long time been pleading for a DT, S, and Interior OL, dating back to last draft. I always thought the positions more important than RB and for whatver reason haven't been as petrified of a Quin, Reeves, McCain trio as the rest of Texans fandom (love me some GQ). But thinking about it more, and looking at the prospects, I am coming around to thinking we need those positions just as badly. Not to say they have leapfrogged the others. Just that they have left me bumblefucked. I have no idea which I want of DT, OL, S, CB, RB. So, as of now, I'm all about best available at one of the five.

And just to address the argument that we don't need help on offense as much as defense.  By the end of the year (second half at least), I felt as much if not more confidence in the D.  I know it's extremely hard to wrap our heads around that after years of a sieve defense and I know the offense has the gaudy stats.  But I think the offense's fumble problems, inability inside the twenty, and reliance on a shitty kicker (granted, not really their fault) made them less trustworthy than Meco, Cush, and Mario's squad.

Here's my break down of why we need each position but not necessarily more than the others in the first round. These aren't ground breaking ideas as much as food for though and further debate:



--We've been shoved around on the line for the last several years.

--It'd be nice to see what Amobi could do with a space eater next to him. Not to mention what some inside pressure could do for Mario and Co. Not to mention 'Meco and Cush.


--Seems to be the favorite around here, but by the end of the year, the team had for the most part shored up the defensive run game, to the point where it could be argued it wasn't the glaring hole of previous years. Or, dare say it, even a hole at all. 

--Maybe Amobi just sucks and won't be helped by a space eater. Although maybe that's more reason to take DT.

--If Dan Williams isn't available, there's probably not one worth taking. Depending on whether or not you see Price as simply a 3. 



--God almighty, we've seen the Myers/Jenkins video enough. 3-4s destroy us and 4-3s don't necessarily have a problem with our interior line.

--Briesel and Studdard/Smith aren't going to intimidate anyone either.

--Caldwell, even if he develops, can't hold down all three positions.  wade Smith?  Briesel?  Place holders.

--Inability in short yardage and goal line.


--Is a 20th pick worth an interior lineman.


--Never had a playmaker (at FS).

--NEVER had a playmaker.

--Would help our young corners develop.

--Wilson is a replacement level player.  And after him, we saw our gross lack of depth.


 --Might need that corner more.

--Wilson is at least serviceable.

--No one after Earl first round worthy (Taylor Mays, please)


--Spread offenses making three cornerbacks necessary more and more.

--Two second year players, still finding their way in that nickel.

--Terribly thin after McCain and an injury would create a situation like we saw at FS last year.


--We didn't really lose much in losing Dunta.

--Reeves and McCain (in the nickel) are serviceable.


--Steve Slaton and neck surgery is worrisome.

--Steve Slaton and his ability to hit the hole last year  when healthy is worrisome.

--Steve Slaton and his fumbles are worrisome.

--Really feel good about counting on Arian Foster after years of looking for a back we can trust.

--Ryan Matthews stated by multiple sources to be the PERFECT back for our scheme.

--Goal line and red zone issues.  Any two down player argument is counteracted by this.


--Some think running backs aren't worth first rounders.

--Steve Slaton of two years ago deserves another chance.

--Because of SS, a rookie RB might be a two down player.

--No one could run consistently with that line.


I tried to put fairly neutral, common devil's advocate positions for all of the above.  

--My personal feelings are again that the offense and defense are not that far apart anymore (at least not worth changing our draft over).  

--I think a DT will be just as much if not more of a two down player than RB because of moving Antonio Smith inside and that our defense against the running game was passable by the end of the year.  Still, if the right NT came along . . .

--I trust Quin (not necessarily a #1 but I love him), Reeves (I swear I saw him turn his head once or twice last season), and McCain (as a nickel) as much as Wilson, Myers/Briesel, Dan Cody/whoever, Arian Foster.  However, I acknowledge the depth is non existent (though depth can be had in later rounds).

So, again, I say just take the BPA at any of these five.  I'm not gonna be too upset either way.  Gun to my head, I'd rank potential picks:

Earl Thomas, Ryan Matthews (pretty much a toss up with..., Dan Williams, Joe Haden, Kyle Wilson, Pouncey, McCourty.  Would of course love a trade down if those first four aren't available or it's down to CB and there are a few on the board.

Positional rank, with said gun to my head:

DT, OG, RB, CB, S.  Again, these are so damn close that I almost listed S first and could flip any one of them.

Feel free to chew this up and spit it out.  I'm sure you will.  I plan on having fun and being pumped about our pick no matter rather than claiming I know more than a tandem that has proven itself.  Cheers.

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