Tight End Panic?  Really?

Look, I know we all get caught up in assessing how the Texans can improve in the long dark times between the end of the season and draft day.  And I know that as much time as we spend thinking about it that we begin to develop some pretty firm ideas about what the team needs.  I also will grant you that Smithiak isn't perfect and so it is entirely legitimate to question choices and offer differing opinions.

For instance, in following along here, I became persuaded by the very reasonable arguments presented by many that a big space-eating Tackle would be a good choice and was hoping that we would pick one in the first.  When it didn't go that way, however, I deferred to the guys that do this stuff for a living and rolled with it.  More on why I rolled with it in a moment.

However, I gotta' tell you I am AMAZED at the panty-twisting histrionics that some folks get themselves worked up into over some pretty silly issues:

1) Denver connection - Heaven forbid that any candidate for any position, be it player or coach, EVER so much as made a connection through the AIRPORT in Denver, or brother there is going to be sackcloth torn and ashes thrown in the air over the Denver connection.  "Denver South!!!" - "Houston Texcos!!!"  AAAAAAAAhhh!!!!

2) Colorado university players -Strangely I've missed the hysterics over the Crimson Tide mafia that we are slowly building up on the team... For some reason no one wants to do the pee-pee dance over DeMeco Ryans, Antoine Caldwell and Kareem Jackson all coming from the same school, but perhaps I haven't been paying attention or just haven't given the screamers enough time.

3) Players being drafted that played Tight End in college - In this offense skilled tight ends are important.  Currently we have one (second-year) tight-end that is healthy.  The athletes that have been drafted that played tight end in college have been described as: (1) Having abilities in other positions (H-back, Fullback, Wide Receiver...) and (2) Being exceptional athletes and high-value players for where they were taken.

Why I don't care about these things and why I believe...

The people making these decisions:

1) Are not making them lightly - They all know that they are in the "fourth quarter" of their tenure here if good things don't start happening soon.

2) Do this as their JOB - They spend HOURS evaluating details and factors that we don't have and don't have time to assimilate.

3) Have demonstrated that they know what they are doing.
As I was reflecting on the later round picks yesterday and today, I was suddenly struck with the realization that while most of Chuckles Casserly's first round picks were busts and are where most of the discussion focuses, I can't really REMEMBER ANY of his later round picks.  Smithiak are mining gold nuggets through all seven ROUNDS of the draft.  Yup... They are going to pick up the occasional fools-gold nugget, but for the most part they have shown that they KNOW how to pick talent. 

It is my opinion, based on what we have seen so far, that left alone and allowed to continue to do what they do that it is INEVITABLE that we have a dominant team in Houston in the very near future and a sustainable approach to staying that way.

While I appreciate the passion that a lot of you guys bring to the discussion and I value the football knowledge that you share, it grieves me to see some of you SO unhappy that you didn't get your way.  These are good times for Texans and having suffered through the Capersserly years with most of you, I just wish you could savor how much better we are and the good things that are coming soon.

That is all...   commence firing.

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