Why Tebow wasn’t a reach.

Let me say up-front that I believe that the most successful NFL QB’s are the classic pocket passer.   The things that make these guys good are 3 things

1++.   Good decision making, in all situations!  This is the defining trait of all successful QB’s  Be it Manning, Brady, Brees, or even our own Schaub.  This is also why a lot of us Broncos fans where happy to see Cutler go because the system he was in under Mike Shanahan limited the number of mental mistakes, but once in the bears system he fell apart (2x more turnovers than any other QB last year).  

2.   Sufficient arm and accuracy.  I only say sufficient, as many of the most successful QB’s don’t have cannons for arms but enough of an arm to be a deep threat, and to make the 20 yard out.  Beyond doing that even some of this can be worked around (Ie Kyle Orton, whom I can out throw but was never asked to throw the long ball in Denver last year and was relatively successful in spite of an utter lack of arm)

3.   Ability read Defenses and adjust. This is the specialty of Peyton, but is also something that Brady and Brees do with expertise.


For my money if I grade on these parameters, I would put Tebow as a first round pick,


For 1 He was excellent at this, and in the Denver system he will not be asked to a lot of this up front, most of that system is timing routs, and this is clearly a Tebow strength.  In addition as much as I hate VY one thing I think he showed the entire NFL last year, was that a QB who can choose to run the ball instead of force a pass, can be a very hard thing to defend. This is what Tebow is great at.  This reduces the chances of throwing a int, and creases the chances of busting a quick first down, like VY did to us several times in the second Titans vs. Texans game last year.  


Number 2, I will say that if there is a question about, Tebow it is this, but not sufficiency of arm, just the mechanics of his throwing,  I’m not sure this is a killer, however, I do think that it could be made worse by changing the motion, if it effects his accuracy.  This to me is the biggest risk by far.


3.  I think this is good right now, because he played in a D heavy SEC.  That said, with the smarts I don’t see how this won’t end up being a strength for him, over time, but ill take plenty of film work, and experience.


I where to give Timmy my advise I would say.


Play to your strengths, good decisions, and lots of film work.

Use your legs to avoid sacks and add another option when receivers are covered.

If you want to fix your mechanics,  spend a lot of time making sure the accuracy isn’t effected, by the change in mechanics!

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