The truth and Brian Cushing

Let me first say that the general pattern and the history of steroid accusations against Cushing, going back as far as high school, would make one tend to not believe him.  To simply say he did it and finally got caught, and now won't even fess up is the easy road to take.  In fact when I first started listening to Mr. Cushing read his statement I began to think exactly that.  But then he started answering questions, and it struck me that his voice was very normal and relaxed.  That was not at all what I would have expected.   For just a second I thought wow he might actually be telling the truth.    Then I thought well what should he sound and look like if in fact he is lying?

For years now I have been using some police lie detecting techniques on my kids and the occasional co-worker, they work very well with all but my oldest, who I think is now wise to my techniques.  At any rate there are certain things, that are pretty common to liars, one place in particular is their eyes very often will give away what part of their brains they are using.  When they look to their left they are usually telling the truth and, looking to the right is often lying, this is reversed with left handed people.  They tend to pause before answering questions, they tend to not use all of their face when making expressions, and they hold those expressions too long.  They also often avoid eye contact or have a forced constant eye contact.  When, listening to questions, they tend to space out of the question early because their mind is making up an answer, or they begin to answer before the questioner is done.  In addition their voice will tend to change pitch a little.  If you don't believe me feel free to google "how to tell if someone is lying"

So, knowing all of this I decided to go through the video from today to determine of any of this was present.  I also found an old video of the guy answering questions to get a bit of a baseline on the guy.   Here

First I ignored the part when he was reading from a written statement, because the speech and visual cues are much more like to be related to how well he reads and someone else very likely wrote or helped write the statement.

So I did it in three stages first played the video, with no sound.  And mad a note as to which question, numbers, he visually looked to have any of the above clues, ie facial expressions, and eye movements, and eye contact with the questioner.  On all but two questions, he looked very truthful, and those he didn't appear dishonest, just more neutral.  In face his eyes almost always maintained the correct amount of eye contact and when his eyes moved to one side or the other it was his left, again a good sign. 

In addition he often shook his head in agreement, with the questioner, and never seemed to look ridged or fidgety, though occasionally he looked like his jaw was clinched.

Then I listened to the audio only without looking at the video.  And again was amazed at the apparent truthfulness of his answers, his voice, was even pitch, on extend pauses before answering, no running over the questioner. 

Then finally I looked at it with both video and sound.   And again notice a profound lack of indicators of lying, body language was matching his words, some minor hand gesturing, but not exaggerated.  

So my conclusion is that he is one of three things, he is a professional lier ( trained by the FBI, CIA, or NSA),  that he is a sociopath(possible given how mean he is to opponents on Sundays), or He was telling the TRUTH.

So there you have it my 3.5 cents worth! 

What say you?

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