Week 1 OTA Link and News Round-Up

Well, week one of guys running around in shorts is done. Want information on how it's gone?  I, via the mothership, have you covered.

Day 1 Report and Quotes
Day 2 Report and Quotes
Day 3 Report and Quotes
Day 4 Report and Quotes

Lance has some observations from OTAs here. Here's another blog post filled with OTA news.

Fear that it's too much information, too long, and you don't want to read? Here's some key points:

- Jacoby Jones has impressed people. Whether it's returning or as a WR, Jacoby's looking good.
- The name of the game is weight loss: Steve Slaton and all the defensive linemen that matter, so not Frank Okam, have lost weight and are looking quick again.
- Two disappointments, Amobi Okoye and Antwaun Molden, have looked pretty good. Amobi's looking especially quick.
- The starting interior offensive line has been Studdard, Myers, and Caldwell. Wanting to jump off the bridge? This blog post may have you stepping back from the ledge.
- Lots of hamstring injuries early (Neil Rackers, DeMeco Ryans, and Ben Tate notably), but that's expected early as people round themselves into football shape.
- Trinidon Holliday is fast. Really fast. He's .14 slower than Usain Bolt running the 100m fast. Some proclaim him to be the fastest NFLer already. I'm glad that speed's on our side.

That's it for week one. If there's anything I missed toss it in the comments. Yes, it's just dudes in shorts, but it's all the football news we got so far and we're junkies for this crap. Anything standing out to you guys? Are we excited about anything? Do you appreciate a post without mentioning a certain brick-wall LB and wide receiving Superman?

I'll leave you with this quote:
"You know what? I think we all have a lot of confidence. And I think with the confidence that we have, we're building. We're trying to build this team up. We're trying to set things up for the season. You look at our schedule, we can't slack off. I think everybody has that mindset of greatness, and we have one goal - and that's the Super Bowl." - SS Bernard Pollard

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