NFL Arrest Rates

Snooping around theCincy blog a little, I saw a little verbal skirmish between a Steeler fan and the Cincy faithful, and one argument the Bengal fans made made me think a little bit: NFL players and civil misconduct (bsically, NFL criminals)


We talk about "character guys" as being one of the staples of our drafting philosophy, and I have to say, looking at the numbers, our organization has done a decent job of it from the research I found. (Note: these are crimes committed while on the team they played for at the time. For example, Ahman Green's arrest won't count on the Texans since he was with GB then).


A database with NFL arrests and citations "that were more serious than speeding tickets" lists the reported number of crimes these teams' members commit.


Just some of the numbers:

Houston Texans: 9 total (interesting note, only 2 are left on the team [Vonta Leach and Jacoby Jones])

(also ironic, Cowgirls tied us with 9)


Other AFC South teams:

BESF's: 23 (note: 5 of them were "Pacman")

Jags: 25

Indy: 17 (includes Nick Harper, since the crime was committed when he was with Indy)


Most crimes

#5: TIE: Denver and Miami with 24

#3:TIE:Jags and Kansas City with 25

#2: Minnesota with 30

#1: Cincinnati with 31 (ok, no surprise here)


Least Crimes

#5: TIE: GLORIOUS HOUSTON TEXANS and Gowboysgirls with 9

#4: San Francisco 8

#2: TIE: Detroit and NY Jets with 7

#1: St. Louis w/ 6


Other interesting facts:

Steelers: 16 (w/o either of Big Ben's escapades, but 9 of these are from 2007 to now. Cowher's teams were much better behaved than Tomlin's are)


Which team's getting NYPD more fired up?

NY Giants: 11

NY Jets: 7 (Shocked me too)

My favorite: Most ironic name arrested:

Maurice Purify of the Cincinnati Bengals arrested 5/4/2010 on disorderly conduct after a bar-fight.


The San Diego Tribune also gives an interesting stat that will shock you, too (article from 4/19/2008)


The NFL is better behaved than American society.

NFL: roughly one arrest per 47 players per year since 2000, including injured reserve lists, according to the database.

U.S. population: one arrest per 21 people per year (around 4,800 arrests per 100,000 inhabitants) and one arrest per 25 people age 18 and over, according to the FBI.

Just some data for y'all to chew on. This organization has done a great job hiring character guys





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