Trindon Holliday (Interview)

Lightning quick, Holliday returned two kickoffs and two punts for touchdowns in his collegiate career, and he averaged more than 18 yards per punt return as a senior. At the combine, he ran a 4.34 in the 40-yard dash.

He's also famous for his exploits on the track, as he was an eight-time NCAA All-American and clocked a 10.00 in the 100-meter dash.
With organized team activities on the horizon, we caught up with Holliday for a "10 Questions" interview about his time at LSU, memories from his childhood and more.

1. When did you first realize how fast you are?

"When I was a little kid running around the yard with my little cousins."

2. What's your favorite memory of playing LSU football?

"When they honored me as being one of the fastest guys to ever play college football. Right after the honor, I scored a touchdown."

3. At Tiger Stadium, they would play the song "Holiday" by Madonna when you came on the field to return a punt. What did you think of that?

"(Laughs) It was kind of funny every time I'd go out there and hear the song played. It just made me go out and work harder."

4. Have you been reading up on the Texans since you got drafted?

"Oh, yeah, I've been looking on the internet every day. Just trying to get familiar with the Texans organization and reading up on things like that."

5. Do you have any superstitions, or do you do anything special on game day?

"No, nothing superstitious. But before pre-game warmups, I'll just take a jog from end zone to end zone."

6. Do you eat anything special the night before a game?


7. What was your favorite class at LSU?


8. If you get two Texans tickets to give to family/friends, who gets them?

"Whoo! That's kind of hard. But my mother would be one, and I'd just let her bring someone with her who she wants to come."

9. What's something that people don't know about you, that would be surprising?

"I like to sit at home and watch ‘Sponge Bob' and ‘Tom and Jerry.'"

10. What would you have done after college, if you weren't headed to the NFL?

"I would coach a Pee-Wee football team."

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