Kinda O/T but deff news worthy...

I was just skimming along yahoo when i saw THIS article about the NCAA sanctions on USC... Texans Saints RB Mr. Kardashian Reggie Bust, and Grizzlies G O.J. Mayo as we all know have been the main reason for the NCAA to go lurk through USC's recruitment and player endorsements and other stuff. Well they have finally ruled and man is USC going to be the school to not attend for the next couple of years... The penalties after the jump...

• A postseason ban in football following the 2010 and 2011 seasons.

• A loss of 30 total football scholarships over the 2011, 2012 and 2013 seasons.

• A vacation of all football victories starting in December 2004 and running through the 2005 season. This includes the national championship win over Oklahoma on Jan. 4, 2005.

• An acceptance of USC’s self-imposed penalties on its basketball program, which included a forfeiture of all wins in 2007-2008 and a one-year postseason ban.

• All statistics vacated for Bush, Mayo and an unnamed women’s tennis athlete in the games which the NCAA deemed them ineligible due to rules violations.

• All titles won during ineligible games must be vacated and trophies and banners must be removed.

• Bush and Mayo must be disassociated from USC athletics.

• A forfeiture of wins in the women’s tennis program from May 2006 to May 2009, for long-distance telephone violations committed by an athlete.

• A reduction of recruiting days for the men’s basketball program in 2010-2011.

• Four years of probation.

Now I would like to find out what exact games were considered ineligible games but as the article says USC loses their national championship from the 04-05 season. plus the entire 07-08 season is losses.... wow... plus any trojan fans will have to root for another team next year in the BCS games...

Serves them right. I am not going to say that no other college but USC is doing the same thing, but like a former Trojan, who will remain nameless... you get caught you pay the price come back and hope it doesn't hurt you when you come back.

I wonder since Reggie Bush won that trophy over a player who deserved it more does he lose that as well... I mean by disassociation i would think that he is basically never allowed to attend anything that has to do with the Trojans, that is harsh... I would love to get the full details which i might find and then add to this post... Give me your thoughts on this offseason news, though it is college still has to do with Football..

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