OTA Link and News Round-Up III: How Tate Got His Groove Back

Yup, I'm back again to catch everyone up on the week's Organized Team Activities. The guys in shorts only had three days this week so there's not too much to absorb this time.

Day 9: Report and Quotes
Day 10: Report and Quotes
Day 11: Report and Quotes

- Yahoo! Sports' Jason Cole interviews Matt Schaub 
- Jason Cole's a bit late on the Andre contract situation, but hey...the Texans are getting more mainstream press. 
- Troy Nolan looking to lock-up a roster spot
- "Quicker than a hiccup" Holliday trying to make the giant leap to the pros
- Rivals Inc's Jeremy Green needs to study the Texans more so he doesn't deliver bad scouting reports.
- Yahoo! RB Rankings
- Yahoo! WR Rankings
- Yahoo! QB Rankings

Check the post-jump to see this week's bigger news items.



To the Practice Squad
Based on the TE and K situation, either John David Booty or Tyler Sheehan will hit the practice squad prior to training camp. Kubiak said that after Day 9. It doesn't look like they'll add any other QB, so Dan Orlovsky is really going to need to show progress as the back-up this summer. Again, we all hope Schaub plays all 16(+), but a back-up QB is crucial in this league. Kubes also made note that a running back (not named Arian Foster or Steve Slaton) will also find his way to the practice squad or cut. I'm putting my money on Chris Henry since I know nothing about him. It's the most accurate way of scouting.

Barwin's Mama Said Knock You Out
Connor Barwin worked with boxing this offseason to help him in his development. He says it helped him in with his hands and reaction speeds. He thinks it'll help him in the trenches. It's his third straight year as a defensive end, so hopefully Barwin builds on his start from last year. If what has been put out there is true, he'll come in as the Right Defensive End in passing situations and will try to use his speed to beat LTs. Seriously, between boxing and MMA training, our defense will literally kick some ass.

The Coming of THOR?
That Day 10 report? Tons of praise for Wisconsin rookie Garrett Graham and our favorite diety, James "THOR" Casey. The praise for Casey is great to hear, not because BRB loves the guy, but because Kubiak hasn't been quick to praise him. With the injured TEs, there's a real opportunity for Papa THOR and OD's Clone to step up, and they have. It's early, but I do think that this team won't miss a beat at TE regardless of what happens with the OD situation. Yup, I imagine we'll see OD elsewhere in 2011.

Let the Kick-Off Begin
Newly Acquired K Neil Rackers has been cleared to practice so Day 10 is where the great shank-off kick-off begins. Judging by Smithiak's loyal tendencies, it's on Rackers to out-perform Ol' Shanky. It'll be a big competition that has been guaranteed to go throughout pre-season where Kris Brown will then win the job and collectively kick us all in the balls.

Zac Diles - Pro Bowl LB? (I'll let Kubiak speak for himself)
"As I told y'all, the reason we're not moving him, at least not at this point unless we feel like we have to, is that I think he's on the verge of becoming a Pro Bowl WILL linebacker. I don't want to confuse him or have us get weak at two spots. We're going to leave Zac where he's at."
- Head coach Gary Kubiak, reiterating previous comments on his plan to keep LB Zac Diles on the weakside during Brian Cushing's four-game suspension to begin the 2010 season. Soon afterwards, MDC's head was rumored to asplode.

He's Not a Specialist
Kubes wants it known that our little mighty mite (Trindon Holliday) is not a specialist. Holliday, who saw limited action as a running back at LSU, has been taking reps at wide receiver. Kubiak's adamant that he needs to pick up some of the offense. It's been a rough go for Holliday, but people should write their goodbye notes to Apostrophe and Glenn Martinez.

Tate's Ready To Roll
Thanks to Mike's great hands-on nursing expertise After sitting out, Ben Tate finally got to work on Thursday for Day 11 of OTAs. This will give Tate Day 11, Days 12-14, and the mini-camp to get work done on the field leading up to training camp. I still think that Ben Tate will be the opening day starter. He's too talented to not win the job, but it'll be interesting to see if he can get Kubiak's trust quick enough to supplant the Pterodactyl.

Fighting the Sophomore Slump
Secondary is a worry for this team. The Texans are young, and we don't know what to expect. Check out Day 11 to see how impressed Kubiak's been with young Glover Quin. Kubiak's been impressed enough to point him out as an example to the team. I know, right? Usually, the talk is being in Kubiak's doghouse, but Quin's really working out there. Hopefully, unlike some other cornerbacks, Quin won't take a step back during his second season.

Gentlemen (and ladies), I present to you the lovely Brandi of our top-notch cheerleading squad.




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