Before the Texans First Snap of 2010

How about we sit back relax and think about where the Texans have been.  Think back to when this team was 2-14 and the team didn't know what to do with themselves.  We were stuck with some idiot QB that never knew how to throw the ball away before he ran out of bounds and every time our team touched the field it was like praying for a miracle to happen.  And, we never wanted to see the game against the Colts because there was literally no hope.

I must say that I, for one, am happy to see those days gone by the wayside.  We are at least an average team or better for the past 3 seasons.  Our team is even in talks for making the playoffs.  People actually pick us as the sleeper team year in and year out.  We have even won a game against Indianapolis and the games this past season were obviously winnable games without 1 or 2 mental mistakes. 

Let's think about how much better we are now as opposed to where we were then with the talent on this team.  Back then, we were wondering could we have selected a worse guy in our inaugural season as QB (Jamarcus Russell has proven to be worse).  Our running game was really non-existent but we had finally found someone who could at least make something out of nothing at times in Domanick Davis(now WIlliams) but was unsure about his health.   Corey Bradford was our #1 receiver (LMAO at that one now).  Our O-Line was non-existent.  Our defense was filled with old guys that surprised us at times.  Names like Seth Payne, Aaron Glenn, Jamie Sharper will probably forever stick with us.  Let's face it they were the brightest thing about this team and they probably would've been better had the offense been able to put together long drives. 


Now here we are at the beginning of the 2010 preseason with a lot to be happy about but there seem to be many people out there that focus on those two or three bad things and say that we are going to sink like the Titanic.  Well here's what I have to say to those of you can't appreciate anything...


There are some who doubt our QB situation.  Every good team has a problem at QB behind their #1 guy.  You cant complain if your starter finished the season as one of the top passers in the league.  Look at the most consistent AFC team and you'll see that they haven't cared about the backup QB spot.  Why should we now if we have a good QB?

Some doubt the RB situation.  Arian Foster proved in the last 2 games that he could get the job done at running back.  He seems to have continued to prove it this offseason.  Because he is #1 and Slaton is #2 so far, you want to bash the Texans on drafting Tate in the 2nd round.  Tate was just a backup plan if things changed again.  What if a back wasn't picked?  You would've been negative sooner and wouldnt have given the team a chance to show you what they had.  Slaton's performance from last your proved that they needed insurance and the got it in Round 2.

WRs are better than ever... no quarrels here.

O-Line is good but you guys want to focus on the 1st game of last year where the Texans Interior O-Line was killed by the Jets.  Sure they were bad but not as bad as some of the O-Line we have had.  Plus they were good enough to allow Schaub to throw for 4700 yards and got good enough at the end for Foster to have a couple good performances.

Defensively, we are young.  We used to be bad horrible at getting to the QB.  We are still not that good but we do have a big named guy on the line that gets it done when you look at numbers.  We have a good rusher in Barwin that is in his second season and A Smith is playing more inside where he is better plus there are a few rookies that could be pushing Okoye for playing time at DT as well. 

Our LBs are some of the best in the league.  Not much else to say here.  Of course you can worry about 4 missed games by Cush but thats it.

Our DBs are good also.  They are YOUNG but they are pretty good.  there is depth at CB not so much at Safety but it seems to be some good young talent that is there for insurance should Wilson not last the season.  You may read about K-Jack getting beat a lot in practice but let's face it.  He is more than likely usually matched against the best WR in the league.  He's learning but I'm sure he'll be ready by Week 1. 

Now kicker is the only place to truly worry.  However, I am not going to be mad if the offense gets to a point to where we dont have to rely on some FG kicker.  Lets face it both guys are older.  No matter who wins the job there will be doubt.  All we can do is cross our fingers. 


Now that you've read that dont you feel better about the Texans?  You should!  We've come a long way. after suffering for far too long.


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