My Trip To Cowboys Stadium!

Before I start, I must say, YOU NEED TO VISIT THIS PLACE ASAP!

Ok, so after visiting Round Rock, and the Texas Rangers game, my last stop was Cowboys Stadium. I parked about 1 mile away. Parking Cost: $20. (This is also in the August Heat!) The walk was not too bad though. Arrived at 6 p.m. and already many people walking to the stadium.

Outside - The walk to the stadium is very nice. Walk along a nice bridge with small river under. Nice Parking Lots. As you walk closer, the stadium gets bigger and bigger. About 200 feet from stadium you approach security. You can not bring much into the stadium. My water bottle was taken away from me, and the football from a kid in front of me was taken. After getting checked, they scan your ticket and then you are officially there. The next 200 feet is filled with TV's, and many (can't think of what they are called) people selling beers, and other cowboys items. Once you get to the hundreds of doors, you open it...

Inside - YOU FEEL THE AIR! Going from 105 to 70 just like that feels great. Everything inside is huge. People are standing by some tables eating, many flashes going off, and many fans yelling. So what did I go to do first? Well my ticket was for section 246. I was not expecting much from it. Got it on Ebay for 20 bucks. (My Bro was in 119, got it from ebay around same price). Lucky for me 246 is right there. Got to my seat and wow. The view from there is AMAZING. The TV is huge. There are already many fans sitting by there seats just watching the TV. From my seat you can see everything. On top of opposite endzone I can see the Dr Pepper place all way on top. After taking a few pics from my seat, I decided to go visit my brother. THIS WAS THE ONLY PROBLEM I HAVE WITH THE STADIUM.

I and my friends must have asked around 7 different people working there how to get there. One told us to go to this elavator. One said to find another person. One said to go to guy with black suit near section and he will let you in. ALL were wrong! After a while, we were told we had to go up stairs all the way to top, then go all the way down to get to other side. So after, hundreds of stairs, we were finally up. Now we had to walk around half the 400 section to get to opposite side of stadium. Then we took escalators down to the 200 section. Once there we had to go down more steps to get down to the 100 section (Hall of Fame). My brother was seated in corner of endzone. Great Seats! Tough to see opposite side, but you can just watch the TV.

After sitting there for about a quarter, I went back to regular seats. Again this took 30 minutes to go all the way up, around, and back down. Before going to seat I went to get a drink. 6 bucks for a souvenir soda, I would expect something special. Well, what I got, I really thought was smart. I got a soda, with the cup (Solid Cup). Now what they do there is something I have never seen at any stadium or ballpark. They put a blue lid on the top of the cup, with a hole for a straw. Whenever I get a soda from another place, I struggle to not spill while climbing over people to get to my seat. There, I had no problem as I could flip my soda over without it spilling (I didn't try that though, so don't try that when you get a chance). Anyway , I thought that was a brilliant idea!

Back to the stadium. I stayed till the end of the 3rd. The game was awful. It was Boller v.s. Kitna, what did I expect? I constantly looked around, and was amazed by every little thing Jerry Jones thought of. The dancers on the top with the drummers. The Place that kinda looks like a dugout behind field goal posts so cheerleaders could dance there, and the boxes that are normally all the way on top or midway, were right on the field. Freaking Sick! There were negatives. Didn't like that I had to go all way up, around, and back down to get to other side. I didn't like the lack of communication between the people working there. I do realize it was first game of year and just 2nd year doing this, but no one really had an idea of how to get from 1 place to another.


Other Notes:

The Pro Shop is 2 stories, and unbelievable.

Love that there are hundreds of extra workers around stadium also selling and trying to help people out.

Cheerleaders were smokin'!

Cowboys Suck!

Raider Suck MORE!

Parking Costs suck!



Jerry Jones is a very smart man, with very smart advisers.

Bathrooms are ill.

Must be a pain to get out of stadium if you are on top floor after a close game where everyone stayed.

$8.5 for a 16oz beer.



All in all, I give the Stadium a 9.63 out of 10. The lack of communication, and the fact I had to do a lot of walking and climbing knocked off .37 points...

Anyway, I look forward to seeing the Texans there in February!

Go Texans!

And again, COWBOYS SUCK!

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