AFC South Eternal Thread #5: "Return of the Jello"

Hello, fellow AFC South fans! A new concept we're going to be trying out this season is a 24-hour open thread for fans of AFC South teams located in the FanPosts section of Battle Red Blog (a special thanks to Tim for allowing such nonsense).  A place where football fans can get together and chat about a variety of topics ranging from football to foot fetishes. Just think of it as your favorite bar/hang-out spot where you can get to know your fellow divisional fans on a more relaxed and personal basis. The point of this thread will be to bring us, the fans of the greatest division in all of the NFL, together for some friendly conversation and camaraderie.

  • Nothing will be considered off-topic other than the usual religion/politics.
  • Check your hostilities at the door. All previous problems you have had with other AFC South fans will be considered forgotten when you enter the thread. You may encounter others who seem to be ragging on each other. Please don't jump into the argument like you own the place. Things aren't what they always appear to be. It's probably people who know each other extremely well participating in some inside-joking or friendly ribbing.
  • This is not a Game Thread. There are threads already dedicated to this, and for good reason . It's the same reason why I don't watch Pats/Colts games with my Pats-loving brother-in-law anymore. Things get crazy real quick.
  • No trolling, please. If the only thing you have to say is, "Colts/Texans/Jags/Titans SUUUUUUUCK!!!1!!1" you're not going to make very many friends.
  • If you are having problems with someone in the thread, please email me and we can work together to resolve the issue in-house. Our hope is that this thread will be self-regulated by the fans themselves and won't need any outside intervention. If you don't like what you see, treat it as any other unpalatable link you have clicked on in the past. Apply eye-bleach and move along.
  • Have fun! We're all fans and fellow pathetic computer nerds. We have more in common with each other than we have with most everyone else in the real world. Try to remember that.

In the beginning, myself, peytonsurdaddy, and Shake, from BRB will be hosting the threads. As time goes on we'd like to add a representative from both the Titans and Jaguars fans as well. You may lobby for the position by sending cash proving yourself to have a level head and basically nothing better to do with your life.





This is in no way sanctioned by SB Nation, and only barely so by myself.

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