Three Things The Texans Take Into This Season

The 2010 Texans pave their way to Dallas with three new looks:


  • The roster is like Night and Day
  • Kubiak can finally be the Head Coach
  • The man may be finally getting what he wants

The roster is like Night and Day

The Texans roster has seen the likes of Anthony Weaver and Chris Brown.  Players who were square pegs jammed into round holes.  In the past the Texans asked Weaver and Brown to contribute as starters.  This took them way outside what they were good at.  

Weaver was asked to rush the passer from the edge.  A 3-4 end trying to get to the QB.  Brown was asked to, among other things, throw the ball.  This is like when the Packers asked Aaron Kampman to stand up and play LB.  Suddenly a Pro-Bowl pass rusher was running away from the QB.  No matter the talent, it doesn't work.

This years free agency has felt different for the Texans.  They  weren't scrambling to land Julius Peppers or Antonio Bryant.  They quietly signed Wade Smith, which incidentally is looking like a good signing.  The knock on the Texans was that they weren't doing anything.  This was the year and they weren't signing a big money free agent.  The thing I find interesting is that the Texans have stayed active in the free agent market after the initial rush.  

Now the Texans have added to decent veteran role players.  Ogunleye and Denny will be in a position to make plays.  Their talents will be focus on what they are best at rather than asking them to play every snap.  With a savvy free agent move the Texans are back to having some depth at defensive end.

More importantly for this roster, Danny Clark is not on it.  He was brought in to compete for Cushing's spot.  He was a Texan for a grand total of 116 days.  This year is different because the Texans are no longer relying on veteran role players like Danny Clark or Roosevelt Colvin to [try to] start.  


Kubiak can finally be the Head Coach

Kubiak has never just been the head coach.  He's called plays, he's tutored Kyle.  On game days there's always been something else going on in addition to him being the head coach.  This year he finally has able assistants on both sides of the ball that he trusts.  Dennision knows the system and seems to be calling plays without a lot of direct gameday input from Kubiak.  I don't know if Kubiak has ever really done anything with the defense, but Bush seems to have a handle on the defense.  

I think Kubiak being able to commit his full talents and attention to the game is showing.  I think it shows in his better clock management, especially his use of time outs.  I think it shows in the adjustments the Texans were able to make against the Colts in Week 1.  I believe Kubiak saw something and exploited it.  

Kubiak can now be more like Tony Dungy, with Tom Moore & Ron Meeks at his side instead of like Dick Jauron unsure of what is even happening on the field.


The man may be finally getting what he wants.

At the heart of Kubiak's philosophy is "don't turn the ball over".  His schemes seem to take care of everything else if the team will just hold onto the ball.  Johnson, Walter, Daniels & Foster aren't prone to putting the ball on the turf often.  

The other thing I think Kubiak has wanted is a running back that will do exactly what he wants.  Nothing more.  Nothing less.  Foster doesn't dance, he doesn't fumble, he doesn't hesitate.  Instead, he makes one cut, he hits the hole whether it's going to be 2nd & 1 or 2nd & 10.  Foster reminds me of Terrell Davis.  A running back out of no where who gives Kubiak exactly what he is looking for.

My hope is that Foster fills Davis role and ignites Schuab's talents to rise to Elway's level.

Schaub = Elway

Foster = Davis

Johnson > Smith 

Walther = McCaffrey

Daniels = Sharpe


I believe it's possible.  The Texans have finally arrived.

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