Cowboys vs. Texans Madden prediction

So I decided to play a game of madden to warm up for my game in the BRB tourney. I also decided to play with the Texans... who are still rated at 78 even after two monster wins.. against the Southern Oklahoma Cowbitches. after the jump drive by drive summary...

Texans win the toss elect to receive. Arian Foster does well and gets 17 yds on 4 attempts for 4.2 yds. K-Dub gets 5 yds on an end around. schaub goes 3/5 for 32 yds and the Texans are forced to kick a fg. Rackers kicks for 55 yds (it is madden after all) Texans 3 Cowbitches 0.

Cowboys Touchback, giving them the ball on the 20. Marion Barber gets a solid 7 yd run setting up 2nd and 3. End of first qt. Dez bryant uses his height and reaches a ball over GQ's head for a 26 yd pass. 1st and 10 Mario hits Tony Homo as he passes GQ defends well making up for the prior play. 2 and 10 Pass completed for 5 yds to Marion Barber. 3 and 5 Mario again hist Tony and ball thrown way out of bounds. 4th and 5 Dallas goes for it??? Witten catches Kareem Jacxon with instant take down no gain turnover on downs whooooo!

1st & 10 Foster on the pitch no yds, 2nd&10 Schaub to Walter 13yd pass, 1st&10 Schaub gets hit poorly thrown incomplete. 2nd&10 Schaub to Walter 2 yds. 3rd&8 Schaub again hit as thrown incomplete. 4th&8 punt turk pins the cowbitches @ their own 5. Well at least they have to dig their way out right???

1st&10 Romo to Witten 25 yd pass tackle by Demeco Ryans Witten leaves on cart. 1st&10 DAL 30: Romo to M. Bennett 12 yds Mario Williams with the tackle. 1st&10 DAL 42: Romo to Miles Austin for 9 yds Demeco Ryans on the stop. 2nd&1 50 Romo Sacked by Cody, Okoye and Smith pushed him into the arms of Cody. 3rd&11 DAL 41. Romo to Bryan 42 yds after him slipping out of the arms of Kareem Jackson and Bonecrusher (WTF!) 1st&10 HOU 17: Mario Williams with a BIG SACK for 10 yds. 2nd&20 HOU 27: Romo to Barber 12 yd pass 3rd&8 HOU 15: Romo to Barber 5 yds tackle by Eugene Wilson TO. 4th&3 HOU 10 0:31 in the half: Buehler 27yd fg good DAL 3 HOU3

McMannis returns kick for 15 yds: I run out clock with 25 seconds left.


Rackers kicks for Touchback. 1st&10 DAL 20: Barber for 7 yd rush 2nd&3 DAL 27: Mario Williams tckl on Barber no gain. 3rd&3 DAL 27: Barber on pitch Ryans TFL for -2 yds 4th&5 DAL 25: Punt Jakespeare returns 18 yds to the HOU 46

1st&10 HOU 46: Incomplete pass to Walter Defended by James. 2nd&10: Schaub to Walter 11 yds for 1st down. 1st&10 DAL 42: Schaub to Dreesen for 5 yds 2nd&5 DAL 37: Schaub to Leach for 18yds and 1st down. 1st&10 DAL 19:  Schaub to Jakespeare 19 yd TD! Rackers PAT good! HOU 10 DAL 3

Rackers Kick Off for Touchback (it is really hard not to do this since even at 80% he is still deep in the Endzon and CPU is a giant VAGINA) 1st&10 DAL 20: Barbr on the draw 5 yds. 2nd&5 DAL 25: Romo to Bennet Pollard Blows tackle McMannis ends it after a 20yd gain! 1st&10 DAL 45: Adibi 1yd TFL on Barber 2nd&11 DAL 44: Okoye Hits Romo and pass goes out of bounds. END of 3rd Qrt. 3rd&11 DAL 44:  Romo hit by Smith GQ defends pass intended for Bryant. 4th&11: Punt JJ catchs @ 5yd line returns for 2yds

1st&10 HOU 7: Schaub to Leach 15 yd pass FUMBLE Jennings recovers COWBITCH BALL (NOOOOOOOOOOOO!)

1st&10 HOU 15: Ryans tackles Barber for 1yd gain Smith injurd on play. 2nd&9 HOU14: Mario Williams 7yd SACK!!! (GO SUPER MARIO!!!!) 3rd&16 HOU 21:  INComplete pass to bennet with pressure from DLINE! 4th&16 Buehler 38yd fg GOOD! DAL 6 HOU 10!

Touchback by slaton 1st&10 HOU 20: Foster for 4 yds. 2nd&6 HOU 24: Foster 4 yds. 3rd&2 HOU 28: Foster 3 yds for first. 2 minut warning 1st&10 HOU 31: Schaub to Daniels 3yd pass (keep that clock running) TO DAL 2nd&7 HOU 34: Foster for 1 yd. 3rd&6 HOU 35: INCOMPLETE PASS 4th&6: Texans Go FOR IT!  Schaub to Johnson for 10 yds FIRST DOWN! TO DAL 1st&10: Schaub to Daniels to the DAL 34. 1st&10 DAL 34:  Foster for 4 yds. 2nd&6 DAL 30: Schaub to Johnson for 28 yds! 1st&10 DAL 2: FOSTER TD!!! RACKers PAT Good  HOU 17 DAL 6

Squib Kick Dallas to their own 34  1st&10 DAL 34: Okoye Hits romo as he throws Eugene wilson bats ball away from Dez Bryant Incomplete pass. 2nd&10 DAL 34: Pollard drops INT 3rd&10: Ukalele sacks Tony for 8 yd loss! 4th&18 DAL 26: (of course they go for it) Romo to F. Jones for 15 yds Turnover on Down Texans Ball on the 41!

1st&10 DAL 41: 58 yd fg attempt falls just short... (Oh Well just wanted to see how it went! didn't put enough umph only 95%) GAME OVER HOU 17 DAL 6


Offense Schaub 14/21 176yds 1 td RATING: 108.4, Fostr 35yds for 12 attempts 1 TD,  OD 4 Rec 40yds, AJ 3 rec 53 yds, K-dUb 3 recs 26 yds, Leach 2 rcs 33yds 1 fmbl, JJ 1 rec 19 yds 1 TD Dreesen 1 rec 5 yds

DEF: Dejesus 6 tcks 1 FL, SUPER MARIO 4 tckls 3 FL 2 sacks, Adibi 3 tckls 1 FL, Cody 1 tckl 1 sack, Ogunlye 1 tckl 1 sack, GQ 1 tckl 2 PD

Man I hope the real game is more interesting than this one... i was kinda bored and didn't try to make too many aggressive calls

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