Texans vs Cowgirls a tough game??

First a little about myself before we jump on topic. I was born and raised in Luv Ya Blue and the Astrodome, I have never lost my love for Houston's football teams. I joined the USMC in the mid 90's and saw a chunk of the world. I am now a civilian contractor teaching Marines and seeing more of the world but I have always kept up with my Football team. I was sad to see the Love ya Blue days up and move away but I am thrilled with the TEXANS and what they have accomplished. I don't get to see the live games here in Okinawa but I do watch the NFL ticker and watch all the highlights. ....well I have dragged this on the meat of my post....

The Texans are coming in flying high off a 2-0 start. WOW!!! what a start! The Cowgirls are 0-2 and I hope it continues to 0-16. But after looking over both teams I have a few worries about our next game. 

The Cowgirls have been within a few plays of being 2-0 just as we are. The Cowboys have the 4th ranked offense(395 yds per game), are 2nd in passing yards(325 ydspg), and have only given up an average of 279 yds  But they have only scored 27 points this season.

Romo is a very good passer and has a group of good receivers. I believe our D'line will have 5 sacks against Romo & multiple Knockdowns.  If Tony comes out passing will our young secondary be able to stop them or will they give up the big plays as they did against the Skins. I am waiting for this secondary to mature, I just hope its sooner than later.

"Boys veteran O'line is very large with everyone coming in at 300+.  They like to run draws & counters but I think our D'line and LBs have the speed to pursue these well. But what happens if these big linemen play in your face football and try to run Felix Jones down our throats??? I am also worried about the screen pass because of our teams aggressiveness & weak secondary.

With the loss of T Duane Brown how will our offensive line do??? Will his replacement be able to handle DeMarcus Ware?

I believe the Texans are going to win this game but it is going to be another close one just like last week. If we come out flat we may not have enough time left on the clock to mount a comeback against this defense. We will win this game 27 to 24.

Glad to see so many Texan fans & sorry it took me so long to find your blog. GO TEXANS!!!

Cheers & Semper Fi-Jason

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