Cowboys vs Texans MAdden Redux

So since i received a many a comments on letting the AI play this game out here are the ai results... btw I dont think it did the Texans justice but whatever!!!!

Texans win the toss and elect to receive start at the 19.

1st QT:

1st&10: Schaub incomplete to Jones. 2&10: Incomplete pass. 3rd&10: Incomplete 4th&10 Punt returned to the Texans 46
Side note: Ratlif is destroying our RT and pressuring Schaub all over

1st&10 HOU 46: Barber 6 yrd run 2nd&4: GQ tackles barber for a loss of two 3rd&6: GQ drops INT 4th&6 PUNT TB

1st&10 Hou 20: Schaub incomplete to Casey 2nd&10:Schaub to Walter for 15 yds 1st&10 HOU 35: Foster for 6 yds. 2nd&4 Hou 41: Shaub to walter for 18 yds 1st&10 DAL 42: Foster for 2 yds on a draw 2nd&8 DAL 40: Foster gets great block on ware but Brooking Defends pass to Johnson. 3rd&8: Slaton on a screen for 20 yds first down! (side note: Slaton broke three tackles w/o fumbling... I KNOW RIGHT?) 1st&10 DAL 20: Schaub lobs it to the corner of the endzone Newman Defends pass incomplete. 2nd&10: pitch to Foster for 2 yds 3rd&8 Dal 18: Schaub hit in the back Incomplete pass. 4th&8: FG is good! 

Hou 3 Dal 0

Kickoff: Owusu-anson returns it for 17yds to the 18

1st&10: Barber 7yd rush 2nd&3 DAL 25: Barber 1 yd Demeco Ryans with the stop 3rd&2: Barber for 5 yds. 1st&10: Felix Jones 5 yd dive. 2 minute warning 2nd&5: Romo to Bryant to th Hou 29 1st&10 Hou 29: Romo to Austin 28 yds 1st&Goal HOU 1:  Barber stopped by Adibi @ 1 yd line TO DAL 2nd&goal: Barber TD (Commentator SCREAMS TOUCHDOWN AMERICA's TEAM Effin A!) Buehler PAT good

Hou 3 Dal 7

Kickoff: Slaton Touchback

1st&10 HOU20: Schaub to Foster 80 yd TD pass!!! (TOUCHDOWN TEXANS!!!) 0:48 left in the half. Rackers PAT Good.

Hou 10 Dal 7

Kickoff: Owusu-anson 18 yd return to the 20

1st&10 DAL 20: Romo to Austin 9 yds 2nd&inches Dal 30: Romo to Bryant 42 yd pass 1st&10 HOU 28: Diles deflects pass Incomplete. 2nd&10: Ice Kareem INT on the HOU 10 returns for 3 yds.

1st&10 Hou 13: Foster 5yd run 2nd&5 Hou18: Run out clock to get to halftime.

3rd QTR

Kickoff: Owusu-Anson to th DAL 25

1st&10: Romo to Barber 3 yds Mario with tackle 2nd&7: Romo to Austin 22 yds 1st&10 DAL 49: Barber for 5yd run 2nd&5 Hou 46: Romo lobs to Bennet for 11 yd pass. 1st&10 Hou 35: Romo to Austin TD Brice Blows Coverage. PAT GOOD

Hou 10 DAL 14

Kickoff: McManis Returns for 15 @ the 15

1st&10: Pass Deflected 2nd&10: Newman deflects pass to Andre Johnson. 3rd&10: Schaub to Jones 6 yds. 4th&4:Punt-Bryant fields @ 42 returns for 10

1st&10 HOU 48: Barber gets tackled by Mario for 3 yd loss 2nd&13 Dal 49: Barber 11 yds on screen. 3rd&1 Hou 40: Sean Cody gets tackle for no gain.end of 3rd qt.

4th qt

DAL- 4th&inches HOU 38: 55 yd FG by buehler is good

DAL 17 HOU 10

Kickoff: Mcmannis returns to HOU 17

1st&10: Foster for 4 yds 2nd&6 HOU 22:  Schaub to Johnson dropped (bull crap) Incomplete pass 3rd&6: Schaub to walter for 7 yds. 1st&10 HOU 28: Foster for 1 yard. 2nd&9 HOU 29: Foster 20 yd run up the middle FIRST DOWN! 1st&10 HOU 49: Schaub incomplete  2minute warning 2nd&10: Schaub Sacked for 8 yds. 3rd&18 HOU 41: Jones drops deep bomb! (EFFIN SHIT WHY ARE THE TEXANS DROPPING PASSES THIS IS CRAP) 4th&18: Shaub to Johnson Caught and pushed out of bounds @ Dal 5. 1st&goal DAL 5: Play action pass deflected 2nd&Goal: Schaub to Walter fumbles on 3 Booth Review. OVERTURNED NO FUMBLE! 3rd&Goal Schaub incomplete Jenkins deflects. 4th&Goal DAL 3: Schaub to Jakespeare TD!!! PAT Good!

HOU 17 DAL 17 1:05 left in game

Kickoff: Owusu Touchback

1st&10 DAL 20:Romo to bryant 36 yds 1st&10 HOU 44: Romo to Barber for 1 yd. 2nd&9: Romo to Williams out of bound Incomplete. 3rd&9: ROMO SACKED for 10 yds. 4th&19: punt for Touchback.

1st&10: Foster fumbles at HOU 25 Dallas Recovers.

1st&10: Barber for no gain DAL TO 2nd&11: Barber for 4 yds. TO HOU 3rd&7: Buehler FG good 0:04

DAL 20 HOU 17

Kickoff: no return 0:02 left in game

1st&10 HOU 17: Schaub Sacked GAME OVER.

Team Stats:

Total O: DAL- 253 HOU-232
Rushing: DAL-30 HOU 43
Passing: DAL-223 HOU-189
1st dwns: DAL-7 HOU-6
PR yds: DAL-22 HOU-0
KR yds: DAL-55 HOU-50
Total yds: DAL-330 HOU-282
Turnovers DAL-1 HOU-1
3rd dwn conv.: DAL-1/4 HOU-2/7
4th dwn conv: DAL-0/0 HOU-2/2
Red zone: DAL-1/1 HOU-2/4
TOP: DAL-10:25 HOU-9:35

Individual Stats (just top performers):

Romo: 11/15, 233 yds, 1 TD, 1 INT
Schaub: 9/22, 205 yds, 2 TD

Barber: 12 att, 25 yds, 1 TD
Foster: 8 att, 43 yds
F.Jones: 1 att, 5 yds

Austin: 4-93, 1 td
Walter: 4-42
Bryant: 3-114
M. Barber: 3-15
JJ: 2-9, 1td
AJ: 1-54
Foster: 1-80, 1 TD

M. Williams: 4 tckl, 2tfl
J. Ratliff: 3 tckl, 1 sack
GQ: 2 tckl, 2 ast, 1 sack
K. Jackson: 1 INT

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