For the Boycotting Colts Fans.

I originally posted this to Stamped Blue but somebody recommended posting if over here as well. So, here it is.

The Schism.

Ok. Can we be done with this now? No more bashing BigBlueShoe, no more bashing the people who bashed him, no more bashing DZ, no more bashing shake,  just bashing on Houston fans and the Patriots. But seriously. This thing just needs to end. There's been less talk on this site about football then there has been on "the schism."

It all got big in the offseason when everyone just wanted real football to start, instead of watching injury reports, scrambling over the newly released depth chart, and analyzing every word that came out of Caldwell's mouth. Finally when the preseason came along, that didn't help anything, because we all know the preseason matters very little to the Colts.

Now the regular season's here, and we are all on the same side. The side of the quarterback with a laser-rocket-arm and four MVP trophies. The side with two mad-men defensive ends who apparently only need 2.5 seconds to get to the backfield. The side of a wide receiver who may not like his contract... but comes out and dominates anyway, because he's a Colt. The side of 49 other men who go out every day and play like a Colt, and I wish I had time to list em all. Well, thanks to copy and paste... I can.



Joseph Addai 29 RB 5.3.83 214 5-11 L-S-U
Donald Brown 31 RB 4.11.87 210 5-10 Connecticut
Dallas Clark 44 TE 6.12.79 252 6-3 Iowa
Austin Collie 17 WR 11.11.85 200 6-0 B-Y-U
Kyle DeVan 66 G 2.10.85 306 6-2 Oregon State
Ryan Diem 71 OT 7.1.79 320 6-6 Northern Illinois
Brody Eldridge 81 TE 3.31.87 265 6-5 Oklahoma
Pierre Garcon 85 WR 8.8.86 210 6-0 Mount Union
Anthony Gonzalez 11 WR 9.18.84 193 6-0 Ohio State
Mike Hart 32 RB 4.9.86 206 5-9 Michigan
Charlie Johnson 74 OT 5.2.84 305 6-4 Oklahoma State
Jeff Linkenbach 72 OT 6.9.87 311 6-4 Cincinnati
Peyton Manning 18 QB 3.24.76 230 6-5 Tennessee
Jacques McClendon 65 G 12.10.87 324 6-3 Tennessee
Devin Moore 45 RB 11.6.85 191 5-10 Wyoming
Curtis Painter 7 QB 6.24.85 230 6-4 Purdue
Mike Pollak 78 G 2.16.85 301 6-3 Arizona State
Jamey Richard 61 G 10.9.84 295 6-5 Buffalo
Gijon Robinson 47 TE 10.12.84 255 6-1 Missouri Western St
Jeff Saturday 63 C 6.8.75 295 6-2 North Carolina
Justin Snow 48 TE 12.21.76 240 6-3 Baylor
Jacob Tamme 84 TE 3.15.85 236 6-3 Kentucky
Jaimie Thomas 73 G 8.22.86 330 6-4 Maryland
Reggie Wayne 87 WR 11.17.78 198 6-0 Miami-Florida
Pat Angerer 51 LB 1.31.87 235 6-0 Iowa
Antoine Bethea 41 DB 7.27.84 203 5-11 Howard
Gary Brackett 58 LB 5.23.80 235 5-11 Rutgers
Melvin Bullitt 33 DB 11.13.84 201 6-1 Texas A&M
Kavell Conner 53 LB 2.23.87 242 6-0 Clemson
Keyunta Dawson 96 DE 9.13.85 254 6-3 Texas Tech
Eric Foster 68 DT 4.5.85 265 6-2 Rutgers
Dwight Freeney 93 DE 2.19.80 268 6-1 Syracuse
Cody Glenn 52 LB 10.6.86 240 6-0 Nebraska
Kelvin Hayden 26 DB 7.23.83 195 6-0 Illinois
Jerry Hughes 92 DE 8.13.88 255 6-2 T-C-U
Ramon Humber 59 LB 8.10.87 232 5-11 North Dakota State
Antonio Johnson 99 DT 12.8.84 310 6-3 Mississippi State
Brandon King 37 DB 1.28.87 194 5-10 Purdue
Mitch King 75 DT 5.5.86 280 6-2 Iowa
Jacob Lacey 27 DB 5.28.87 177 5-10 Oklahoma State
Ricardo Mathews 91 DT 7.30.87 294 6-3 Cincinnati
Robert Mathis 98 DE 2.26.81 245 6-2 Alabama A&M
Fili Moala 95 DT 6.23.85 303 6-4 U-S-C
DaJuan Morgan 34 DB 10.21.85 203 6-0 NC State
Daniel Muir 90 DT 9.12.83 312 6-2 Kent State
Jerraud Powers 25 DB 7.19.87 192 5-10 Auburn
Bob Sanders 21 DB 2.24.81 206 5-8 Iowa
Clint Session 55 LB 9.9.84 235 6-0 Pittsburgh
Deshea Townsend 23 CB 9.8.75 190 5-10 Alabama
Justin Tryon 20 CB 5.29.84 185 5-9 Arizona State
Philip Wheeler 50 LB 12.12.84 240 6-2 Georgia Tech


Pat McAfee 1 P 5.2.86 220 6-1 West Virginia
Adam Vinatieri 4 K 12.28.72 202 6-0 South Dakota State

That's our team. And I don't care what happened between people before. I guess some people may not be able to forgive and forget,  and I'm not saying you're stupid if you can't/won't.

It's over. If you want to support the Colts by reading Colts news, analysis, and comments, then do it. Let's make this about football again, and a community of Colts fans. That means don't bash. If you don't think something is credible (anonymous e-mail BBS trusts) then don't trust it! A lot of what is said on here is opinion. A lot of it is wrong! You don't have to agree with all of it! But, I'll continue to support SB and BBS, as well as 18to88 and DZ and Brett and Coltzilla (and King Richard, if you get the 12th Horseman up to speed). Because they're all dedicated to one thing. And that's my India-fricken-napolis Colts. So let's be a community again. One that persistently defends the greatest quarterback of all time against all the Brady-lovers. One that is ready to see the Colts roll to a title in 2011.



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