Ask-the-Texans Fans (for our nomadic ex-SB Colts fans)


This Sunday the Houston Texans and the Indianapolis Colts square off in their 2010 season openers at Reliant Stadium. At 12 p.m. CST the two best teams in the AFC South division will go head-to-head in the hopes of grabbing the lead in the division and establishing themselves as the early-on team to beat.

I, a Colts Texans fan, am providing this thread as a place where you ex-SB Colts fans can get to know your enemy a little better. The strengths, weaknesses, off-season acquisitions and all-around insight into the Colts Texans that only a pack of football-obsessed nerds like us may be able to provide.

Now, I know that last season's Q&A went a little rough and some lingering animosity may be lingering between opposing fans as a result was fun as hell, so I'd like to lay down a few suggestions on how to treat this thread as to avoid ruining it for the people who actually have football related questions they want answered.

  1. I will be establishing visiting a second thread this season entitled Troll-A-Colts Fan to work as a sister-thread to this one. It will be a place where you can go and curse Peightaun Menning and his big-headed mama to your heart's content.
  2. Please try to keep the questions and answers football related. Example of a football question: How confident do you feel that Peyton's hurry-up style of offense will be able to adapt to the new umpire-placement rules the Texans can beat the Colts now that both Rosencopter & Shankopotamus are off the roster? Example of not a football question: So, do you think Peighton Menning will sit on the bench and cry like a big-headed baby the whole game because the umpires won't let him cheat anymore the current White House team should print another trillion dollars to weaken the country further?
  3. No attacks please. Let's try to keep this thread civil. Please don't personally attack posters, teams or players. There's a whole other thread for that. If you feel yourself starting to grow angry enough that you feel you have to vent, go to the other thread and scream, "F#$@K THE COLTS COLTS DIEDIEDIEDIEDIE!@!!!!!!!!!!!@!11!" all you want. I encourage it and will probably have more posts on that thread than anyone else.
  4. I, myself, do not visit Stampede Blue., and this post is not officially sanctioned by BigBlueShoe, but there will be posters from that site over here answering and asking questions and commenting on them. But hopefully some of their ex-patriots (puns kick ass) will visit this thread to ask the folks of BRB some questions about the Texans.  They are fans just like you and me and I expect them to conduct themselves as civilly as I expect all of you to.
  5. I have no power here. I can't shut down this thread or delete comments, and if I did have that power I wouldn't care to use it. It's not my place to take people to task on this site, for that I look to the other members of this community. It's your job to let others know when they cross the line.

I hope all of your questions get answered to your satisfaction, and may the best team win.

Thank You For Your Hospitality,



**Did I ever mention how much my English teachers taught against the blatant use of plagiarism?  F*#k them.

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