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And no, I don't mean the question of "what the hell is Fuzion doing up at 1:50AM in the middle of week?"  I mean the question of the variety answered by ESPN analyst Tom Jackson on Sunday NFL Countdown.  Quotes after the jump.

"I think this is a team that is ready to get to the playoffs," Jackson said. "I know that they're in a tough division with a team that always wins 12 games (the Colts), and much will be found out in that first game.

"But keep in mind that the last two years, we have had the New Orleans Saints win the Super Bowl and the Arizona Cardinals in the Super Bowl. This is not a league of haves and have-nots. It's the haves and the 'we will have pretty soons.' "

"I think that Matt Schaub is highly underrated for what he does," Jackson said. "So I'm taking my shot with a team that has played pretty darn good defense and has an awfully good passing game."



Durga forgive me for quoting the Comicle, but it had to be done.  ESPN's Jackson says Texans headed WHERE??? -  Quotes taken from Comicle.  The fact remains, and it has now been said and quoted by the Comicle.  Therefore...every last one of us need to pray to Durga that Jackson hasn't officially and undeniably jinxed our little band of soldiers by saying they're headed to the big one.  The bastard.

He is right on one big count, though.  The Texans Matt Schaub is highly underrated for what he does for the team on and off the field.  He isn't just a leader.  He is THE leader on offense.  When the defense is on the field, he's not just talking with the coaches to drum up weakness exploiting plays.  The man is also out there rooting for his defense to make the stop, get the turnover, whatever they need to do to get the ball back in his hands.

I'll admit when Matt Schaub was first traded to the Texans I was...apprehensive.  Who wasn't?  Honestly.  However, let's face the results.  Kubiak has molded Schaub into a franchise.  Sure, Schaub has his moments, but hey, even that blowhard up in Indianapolis has his, too -- yeah, that one with the 50 foot head.  The power of Schaub is indisputable.  It is clear.

We all know we need Schaub...healthy.  For 16 games.  After last season, and the way this offensive line looks right now with Duane Brown and company, I'm inclined to say that's a good possibility again.


Either way, this article just caught my attention, and made me cringe a little inside.  I wish the analysts would stop going with the Texans.  They've rode the Cowgirls jocks, the Packers jocks, the Colts jocks, the Tacks jocks, and about near every other team's jocks for as long as I can remember.  I hate that they are now beginning to come around and get behind our team.

I'm glad for the media attention and focus, but it also tears me up inside.  I hate bandwagoners, but I'll welcome them aboard the Steel Blue Express.  After all, this team belongs to it's fans and our city.  This is Houston's team, and as we've seen in the past...

If this team can win a few in a row, this city will come out in full force for it's beloved franchise.


I don't know about you guys, but it's Thursday morning.  It's 2 AM.  It's about 19 hours until the regular season officially begins.


And by's OUR TIME!

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