BRB Madden Full-Season Tournament

After seeing some of the issues with the BRB Madden Tournament that was thrown together quickly in order to pick out a Madden Rep from BRB for the SBNation Tournament, I've decided to organize and run a lengthier, much more smash-talk laden tournament throughout this NFL season.

The biggest difference is that only one or two games will happen each week, and more importantly, there will be bye weeks for every player as well.  This is to try to compensate for vacations, holidays, etc.


If you're remotely interested in this, please reply in a comment and put in your thoughts on how this should be run.  I have a Word Doc with some rules and thoughts, but I want to make sure to include the players as well. Note:  I will not be playing in this tournament to ensure fairness and unbiasedness.  Cuz I rock like that.


BRB Unofficial Madden Season Tournament

1. Each week of the NFL season two Madden players from BRB will face off against each other.  This can be upped to two games a week if enough Madden players are interested.

2. The two players will choose their respective teams from a pool of ten teams selected by the organizers (aka: Fuzion)

3. After the two players face-off (or the two games have been played each week), one player will post the results.

4. The winner's move on to a winner's bracket.  The loser's move on to a loser's bracket.

5.   The tournament is double elimination (or round-robin if we do not get enough players to participate).

6.  The match-ups will be posted one week in advance (excluding week one due to organization of the tournament not starting until the middle of week one.  Oops.), so as smack talk, trash talk, and friendly beat-down may commence.

7.   For now, this tournament will be Xbox 360 only, however if enough Madden players from other systems are interested we could look into spanning it to the other platforms and then setting up some form of championship between the consoles/PC.

8.   The biggest rule, and most important, is the word and decisions of the organizers are final.  If you feel you've been slighted and have a valid argument, you may email the organizers directly (or contact them however you can) to offer an explanation in a reasonable manner.  Don't get pissy or your argument won't get the light of day.

9.   It is up to the Madden players of the week to work out the day and time for their game/match.  If for some reason the two selected players are not able to work out a match time/day by the Monday Night Football Game for the week previous their respective matchup, other players may opt to offer to play the match instead and that team will advance if they win.

10.  By the time the playoffs roll around, we should have a BRB Madden Champion for the Xbox 360 at the least, and depending on my cashflow (Fuzion) I will offer to purchase a copy of the upcoming Madden for the Champion.  This Champion will also be given special consideration on the possibility of a SBNation tournament should there be another one.


And if enough of those Colts fans want to join in on the fun, we could run a Colts bracket so that by the SuperBowl we can have a Colts fan vs Texans fan game.  Big write-up and all.


Current list of players:


BRB Username Gamertag

bone31crusher Maverick410369
Taco Joe PieRatKing
The Night Owl HotshotOcelot
Bonzo ImFatLetsParty



And of course, Fuzion - SL1CKG33K12 -- I'm the organizer and am not actually in the tournament, but I will offer practice matches or whatever for those who want them anytime I'm available.

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